Speciation in Lizard Species


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Running Head: Assignment Criminal JusticeAbstractThe present paper deals with the discussions about species and events after their separated.This article deals with the definition of speciation and what are its effect on species. Are thereany physiological changes after the separation of species?PurposeThe aim of this article is to provide the information about speciation and responses ofspeciation. The explanation is depicted by an example of lizard species and what happen if itis segregated into two groups due to the hurricane. IntroductionSpecies is a cluster of living organisms which can be either animal or plant or small bacteriawhich have close similarity with one another, and they can breed for producing offspring.Speciation is defined as the event of evolution forming a novel and diverse species. Hypothesis/Predicted OutcomeThe lizards could develop different habits and characteristics which would be entirely distinctfrom each other due to a different habitat. MethodsThe present study would study about lizards and their offspring by studying the mouse. Asper the species restriction, bear and mouse can’t interbreed. The study shows how the mouseescapes o different island and creates a different species. Speciation could occur due to anyof the natural causes like hurricane, earthquake, and mountain sliding or water currents. Thedifference in lifestyle and adaptation of region specific habitat develop a new species (Peichl,2005).2
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