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Assignment On Customer Support Management

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Added on  2020-02-19

Assignment On Customer Support Management

   Added on 2020-02-19

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Assignment On Customer Support Management_1
Customer called the customer service but the call was delayed for almost 30 minutes and did not
receive any valuable reply. Customer called a few days later and still received no helpful reply.
Customer sent an email and received a reply. Customer’s phone services were terminated.
Customer came to pay for the services in person but the waiting line was very long and therefore
took longer time than anticipated. Customer was served by a disrespectful and rude employee.
Customer was charged a penalty for not paying for the services in time. Phone services were not
reactivated until two days later.
XYZ should increase and improve the qualifications of the employees in all departments and
fields. This will help the business increase its effectiveness and efficiency. For instance, when it
comes to serving their customers at a faster rate, getting people to activate the customers’
services after payments early enough or rather immediately, to work on the replying of the
customers’ emails and phone calls requires more qualified, experienced and people with
expertise. By increasing the quality of the employees, the business will be able to provide better
services to the customers.
XYZ business should work on the process of replying customers’ emails in not more than 24
hours after receiving their queries. This will help them update the customers of their accounts
status and will also help the customers know whether their complaints have been received and
solved or not. This improve the communication methods between the customers and the
XYZ should improve on its communication methods and techniques. For instance, notify its
customers early enough if any penalty is supposed to be imposed on them. This will enable the
customer to prepare themselves financially when they will be paying for the services, notifying
the customers about their service due dates and if their payments has been received among other
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