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Contemporary Management Module Coursework

Added on -2019-09-18

This is an individual coursework for the Contemporary Management Module with three questions on supply chain management, managing globalization, and franchising. The assignment must adhere to standard academic documentation standards and Harvard Referencing System. The marks allocation is divided into three criteria: knowledge and understanding, analysis and evaluation, and overall quality-referencing, styles, and format.
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BM011-3-3-CONTM Individual Assignment Page 1 of 3Assignment DescriptionThis is an individual coursework weighted at 60% for the Contemporary Management Module. Section A: Learning OutcomesStudents should be able to:1.Demonstrate a systematic understanding of modern developments within businessmanagement.2.Justify the recommendation of alternative approaches to Management.3.Demonstrate knowledge and application of international standards relating tosustainability, values and norms and business ethics within a global context.Choose ONE (1) of the following question and write a report of 2,500 words. You are tosave a softcopy of your answer in a CD and attach together with your writtenassignment when submitting it on the due date .Section B: QuestionsQUESTION 1: Supply Chain ManagementZigiaris (2000) asserted that Supply Chain Management encompasses all of thoseintegrated activities which can bring a product to market. Select ONE (1) company,critically analyse how that particular company competes in terms of their supply chainmanagement. Evaluate the supply chain management problems and recommendsolutionsfor the current/potential problems faced by the company. QUESTION 2: Managing GlobalisationOrganisations in the 21st century are faced with challenges from their external andinternal environments. Using ONE (1) organisation of your interest, critically evaluatehow a model of competition is used to compete successfully in a globalised environment. QUESTION 3: FranchisingFranchising involves granting permission to produce a product and to use its name,trademark or copyright. In producing a product, the franchisee is usually required tofollow a specific set of procedures, methods, and quality guidelines (Pizanti and Lerner,2003). With reference to some franchised outlets of a particular franchisor brand,critically discuss the challengesfaced by the franchisees to adapt themselves to differentenvironments in the global market. Level 3 Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation 201611

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