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Running head: DIPLOMACYDigital diplomacyName of the student:Name of the candidate:Author note:
1DIPLOMA CYIntroductionThe modern era cannot imagine its life without the presence of Internet. There have beenmany revolutions in the field of Internet over many ages and these changes have affected all theaspects of life and on among them are International Relations. One of the most important key ofthe foreign policy is Diplomacy. This has also been transformed by the effect of revolution. Thistopic examines the research statement“Foreign policy in the age of Digital diplomacy and itsimpact on both foreign and domestic citizens”, which would further elaborate on the factorsthat how nations are utilizing the tools of diplomacy while pursuing the foreign policies. Thepaper further inspects the challenges and opportunities; the media offer for the diplomaticoperations and raise arguments that nations cannot bear the loss of lagging behind. The 21stcentury is an era of scientific advancement and development. It is a time when life has become arat race and no one wants to fail in any aspect. All the industries have to carry on a huge amountof research and development activities in order to understand the increasing and changing patternof the demands of their customers. As a result of which, the companies are adopting all themodern means of technology within their production process. No company wants to fall back inthis era of huge competition. Hence, they are always trying to gain sufficient knowledge aboutthe usage of all the modern scientific and technological means (Bijola and Holmes 2015). DigitalDiplomacy and the activities in internet entirely provide assistance in projecting the foreignpolicy of the state to both foreign and domestic citizens.Digital diplomacy renders promises for conducting global relations, a few is known from thepoint of view of certain perspective that the way digital diplomacy can be conducted to certaindegree of limitations, success within the zone of diplomacy and the way the nations are utilizingthe strategies to make the growth of foreign policies effective. The paper further unearths the
2DIPLOMA CYdiplomatic activities and the way it promotes challenges and opportunities with new policiesdeveloping around the internet.DiscussionWhat is meant by the term Digital Diplomacy?Digital Diplomacy also known asediplomacy is one of the very useful and importanttool for achieving diplomatic objectives.It is a method, through which nation designs theinternational policy and make the efforts coordinated in order to influence activities of decisionmaking process and attitude of the International Governments through the initiation ofnegotiations, dialogue and violence. The digital diplomacy, a new form of diplomacy has beeninterpreted, understood and defined. According to Manor and Segrev (2015), diplomacyprimarily identifies the increasing usage and utilization of social media platforms in nations sothat it can gain sufficient amount of knowledge from the different foreign policies and theobjectives and control reputation effectively. The authors that the presence of digital diplomacycan be found in two levels, foreign ministries and embassies, which are located across the world,have noted it. Through its maintenance of operations on these aspects, countries can frame outinternational policy and messages of nation branded as a rare characteristics of local citizens interms to traditions, value, history and culture, thereby allowing the approval of their foreignpolicy and the image, which has been aimed to be promoted.Lewis (2014) has defined this diplomacy as the utilization of the digital instruments forinitiating communication by the diplomats in order to transmit information to the public. Hanson(2012) has defined digital diplomacy as use of internet and innovative technologies ofinformation and communication to render support in order to carry out diplomatic aims.
3DIPLOMA CYThe United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) elaborated itsunderstanding of the concept of digital diplomacy in relation to the foreign policy. Digitaldiplomacy is the process of solving the problems of foreign policy through internet. It is regardedas a convenient method of diplomacy through a separate transmitter. It is through the use of web,that people can listen, evaluate and engage the foreign policy matter in many interesting ways. Itis even possible to enlarge the scope of understanding and transmit directly with the governmentas well as with the society. However, the question arises, why it is significant to use digitaldiplomacy? It is significant in the sense that it makes the users to update them with theideologies and policies of the politicians and accordingly, if the person does not consider digitaldebate, he can lose by default the argument. Therefore, in order to provide both the policy andinformation advices to the governments, the ministries of foreign have depended on their staffand their diplomatic vision, the confidentiality of international relations communication and theirway to entry to foreign decision makers (Bijola and Jiang 2015). The Governments has to dependon their respective ministers of foreign such a way that can explain the national interest in thebest way possible.Negotiation is one of the most important tools in the field of foreign policies. It isconsidered to be very important and very useful in case of achieving the diplomatic objectives.Diplomatic negotiation processes are very important in case setting up international relationsbetween countries and also between international organizations as well. Among the sevenmethods, negotiation is the first useful instrument that is used to settle many disputes betweencountries. In case of international relations between two countries or two organizations, there canbe many sensitive issues like conflicts, mismatch of opinions and several other such problems. Ifthese issues are not properly and timely handled then these can also lead to war and consequently
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