Assignment on Disaster Recovery

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Running head: DISASTER RECOVERYDisaster Recovery PlanName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
2DISASTER RECOVERYNoise pollutionThe identification of the noise can be done by taking a daily walk around the office orappointing special staffs who can go on regular inspections and observe things. This will surelyhelp in the assessment of noise and the noise source. Steps can hence be taken to avoid the healthhazards that can be caused due to noise pollution(Cheer & Elliott., 2015).The next important step that is to be taken is to check whether the individuals are really atrisk. Once the risk factors have been identified, a noise assessment has to be done. There aremany factors that need to be taken into account here, like the type of workers, the duration of theshifts, the equipments that are being used in the work, environmental factors.Measures to control noise pollutionThe most effective and the long term solutions for dealing with this problem are to buythose kinds of equipments that are noise free. In other words, the users must take a properopinion from suppliers and purchase those plants that will not emit noise during their operations(Aslam et al., 2015). The users of those equipments must conduct meetings with the suppliers, inorder to gain detailed information about the likely sound emissions that the usage of thoseimplements might cause. The users must make sure to purchase their equipments only from thosesuppliers who can provide a better noise control system. Only those machineries must be usedthat has noise control as one of its most important function.Apart from this, all the tools and implements that are being used should be passedthorough tests in order to check whether it can cause any harm to the users or not. Otherpreventive measures can also be utilized like using ear plugs, whenever working withmachineries of high volume and high frequency(Ferrer et al., 2015).The users must make sure
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