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Assignment ExplanationThe assignment is prepared in word document in APA format by usingMicrosoft Visio.In this I have develop an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for showing thescenario.For representing the scenario, I have taken five entities i.e. Books, DVD, Patron,Loan, Fine. And the attributes have been developed for each entities.First I have select the entity Books and it contain two primary key and threeforeign key :-The two primary key :-1.Books ID2.Books nameI contain three foreign key:-1.Books Patrons ID2.Books Loan ID3.Books Fine IDSo the first foreign key Books Patrons ID has contain seven attributes:-a)Patrons Nameb)Patrons Addressc)Patrons Investmentd)Patrons Typee)Patrons Investment Typef)Patrons Capacityg)Patrons Total InvestmentThe second foreign key Books Loan ID has contain three attributes:-a)Loan typeb)Simple interestc)Compound interestThe third foreign key Books DVD ID has contain eight attributes:-a)DVD Priceb)DVD Namec)DVD Types
d)DVD Memorye)DVD Capacityf)DVD Data accessg)DVD Cost of Storageh)DVD Types of StorageAfter all these I have create a table Fine. And the entity Fine ID contain threeattributes:-a)Loan IDb)Patron IDc)DVD IDAnd it is the foreign key of three table i.e. Patron, Loan, DVD .The screenshot of the diagram prepared in word document in APA formatby using Microsoft Visio.