486_Marketing Essentials Assignment

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ASSIGNMENT FRONT SHEET<No.2>RetakeQualificationBTEC Level 4 HND Diploma in BusinessUnit number and title486_Marketing EssentialsAssignment dueAssignment submittedLearner’s nameCao Ngoc Ngan ThuongLearner’s codeGCS15440ClassGBS0604Assessor nameNguyen Thi Thanh NhanLearner declaration:I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged.Learner signatureDateGrading gridP3P4M3M4D2
Assignment titleAspect of ethical philosophies and the impact of ethical issues on businessIn this assignment, you will have opportunities to provide evidence against the following criteria.Indicate the page numbers where the evidence can be found.Assessment criteriaExpected evidenceTask no.Achieved (Stick tomark as achieve)LO2 Compare ways in which organisations use elements of the marketing mix (7Ps) to achieve overall business objectivesCompare the ways in which differentorganisations apply the marketing mix to themarketing planning process to achievebusiness objectives.-The 7Ps marketing mix: Product,Price, Place, Promotion, People,Physical Evidence, Process-The shift from the 4Ps to the 7Ps andmarketing mix.-An overview of the marketingplanning process (Analysis, Planning,Implementation and Control) andmarketing strategy.P3AchievedNot achievedLO3 Develop and evaluate a basic marketing plan
Produce and evaluate a basic marketing planfor an organisation.-Marketing planning: importance,value of marketing plans-The links between marketing plans,marketing objectives and marketingstrategies.-Evaluate and monitor marketing planusing appropriate techniques (salesanalysis, market-share analysis,efficiency ratios and cost-profitabilityanalysis).-Structure and development ofmarketing plans: setting goals,analysis techniques, creatingmarketing strategy, allocateresources and control.P4AchievedNot achievedAssessmentcriteriaExpected EvidenceAchieved (Stick to mark asachieve)M3Evaluate different tactics applied by organisations to demonstrate howbusiness objectives can be achievedAchievedNot achievedM4Produce a detailed, coherent evidence-based marketing plan for an organisationAchievedNot achievedD2Design a strategic marketing plan that tactically applies the use of the 7Ps toachieve overall marketing objectivesAchievedNot achievedSummative feedback:Assessor’s SignatureNguyễn Thị Thanh NhànDate
TASK 3.1:Marketing mix is the tool for marketers to help determine a product offering, simply meansputting the right product with the right price in the right place and time. Marketing 4Ps wascreated by E. Jerome McCarthy in 1960s and it is the foundation of the ideal of marketing mix.Marketing 7Ps is the model modified from 4Ps. Marketing 7Ps included: Produce, Price, Place,Promote, People, Processes, Physical Evidence.1.Product:The product can be intangible or tangible as it can be in the form of services or goods. Theproduct should appropriate to the market and it must be the what the consumers expectingto get. There are three levels of products and service: Core customer value, Actual product,Augmented product.-Core customer value:the fundamental need or want of customers, it is what customers desireand believe they will have benefit from that product.Example: with the high technological these day, customers required for a cell phone not justsimply a communicate device like it used to be. iPhone, which from brand Apple, deliveries tocustomers a cell phone which could communicating, playing game, using internet, takingpicture and video, and some extra services with high security to protect customer’sinformation in the cell phone.
-Actual product:is the actual product of how the core product is going to be. Actual productsare quantifiable in nature and have properties like brand name, features, quality level, design,packaging.Example: iPhone 5s1.Brand name: Apple.2.Features: calling, message, face time with HD quality, playing game, using iOS 7 operatingsystem, camera 8.0 megapixel, secure by Touch ID fingerprint sensor, accelerometer,gyro, proximity, compass. Browser uses HTML5 (Safari), Siri natural language commandsand dictation, iCloud cloud service, MP3/WAV/AAX+/AIFF/Apple Lossless player,MP4/H.264 player, audio/video/photo editor, document editor.3.Quality level: one of the most popular brand cell phone with high quality and one of themost realizable brand.4.Design: the phone is light and thin with a thickness of only 7.6 mm, the length of themachine has increased by 8.6 mm compared to iPhone 5s. The screen size is 4 inches.Machine is surrounded by shiny metallic lines for the purpose of better machineprotection and avoid the occurrence of scratches during use.5.Packaging: The packaging for iPhone 5s is highly recyclable, its box is made primarily frombio-based materials, including fiberboard containing 90 percent post-consumer recycledcontent.
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