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Running head: GENDER STUDIESGender StudiesName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
2GENDER STUDIES“To critically analyze the relationship between human trafficking and sex work on aglobal context”IntroductionThis is the modern era of the 21stcentury. The very concept of the 21stcentury bringsin our mind, the advent of modern scientific technology and its advancement. Howeverspeaking in a broader sense, in the modern era the advancement has not only taken place inthe field of science and technology but in human thoughts as well. Howe very it is very muchevident from the history of mankind that no era in the human history can be all good or allbad. Some is the case with the modern 21stcentury. Among the many boons of this age, onemost dangerous curse is that of human trafficking and sex work (Weitzer 2015)..It is however a known fact that globalization is the term used to define the large scaledevelopment and advancements taking place all around the world and in every aspect. Thisadvancement to a large scale is related to the scientific and technological developments aswell. It is also due to this scientific development that there is the concept of sex tourism. It isbasically the concept of men travelling to several other places, particularly other countries orother lands in order to have sex. These sex tourism advertisements are made availablethrough different advertisement links via all forms of social media sites, pornography siteand, many more.DiscussionHowever, it must be noted that there is a fine line of difference between sex work andsex trafficking. Trafficking is often related to the forced or compelled entry of the individualsinto sex trade. Thus is done by either kidnapping them or luring them by giving them falsehopes, Sex work on the other hand is the physical or sexual service provided by the sex
3GENDER STUDIESworkers in exchange of money. Now there can be many reasons behind sex work, they caneither be willing or unwilling (De Shalitet al2014).This problem is increasing on a very large scale in the present day scenario. The mostalarming and terrifying fact about this problem is that there is no respite to it. Rather theefforts being taken by the Nations and the Government are not enough. Somewhere or theother, there are some loopholes that are always remaining in the eradication measures. Everyday, several kids and men and women are being sold out to unknown lands and unknownpeople in exchange of money (Weitzer 2015).The reasons behind this shameful activity are many. These incidents usually takeplace in the poor and illiterate families. As a result of proper education and literacy, they aretotally unaware about the disadvantages of over population. They know nothing about familyplanning. Apart from this, women and kids are more vulnerable to this human trafficking.Women are most vulnerable because there is always a kind of disparity made between menand women based on their sex. Women are often considered to be nothing but merecommodities. Hence, the incidents of sexual abuse are much more on them. However, as faras the human trafficking is concerned, both women and children are the victims of it.However, it also has to be taken into account that not all the women who are poor opt for theoption of sex work (De Shalitet al2014).There are also several other reasons that are often responsible why women opt for it.Some of these are -can be lack of enough moral support, frustration, conjugal dissatisfaction,lack of sufficient finance and many others. Apart from these, many women have to opt forthis option in order to support themselves and their families. There are cases where they aredeserted by their husbands and they are left all alone with their children. In such cases, theyhave no other way to support themselves and their kids other than opting for prostitution.
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