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Running head: Economics in ManagementEconomicsinManagement
1Economics in ManagementEconomics in ManagementName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
2Economics in ManagementIntroductionGlobal financial markets give insight into financial security and management of a financialinvestment. It covers various financial issues like financial products, strategies involved, thegrowth of international markets, private banking, risk management, etc. Global financial marketsare moving towards greater financial stability (DeCenzo, 2016). Some nations are discontinuingold or unconventional financial policies to come on par with the international economy.Stock MarketA Stock Exchange is defined as an organized market that primarily focuses on the buying andselling and relating with the financial instruments that are dependent on the securities and also beinterpreted and considers the stocks, bonds, options, along with the futures. It is defined as astock exchange that is related to the specific locations and also outlines the trades that arecompleted. It is defined as a stock of a company which would be significantly be traded at theseexchanges, and it must also be listed, and it is significant to the listed, along with the company inconnection to the satisfy certain requirements. It would be connected to the not all stocks alongwith the bought and sold with also be significant to the specific site. It would be stocks thatwould be connected unlisted. It would be connected stocks as would trade that can connect withthe counter—and to the telephone or by computer (De Mooij, 2016).
3Economics in ManagementFigure ASX stock marketSource (De Mooij, 2016).The stock markets are the most volatile and uncertain which gets impacted even with the slightinformation or the turmoil in the market. It has been experienced with the indefinite personalexpectations that would be connected to the future movement of prices. Connecting to the stockmarket prices are associated to be optimistic or pessimistic, that can connect to the governmentperception in connection to the state of the economy (Fuchs, 2016). To relate with the challengeand also to understand the in quantifying with the connecting with the factors it can alsoinfluence information flow along with the investors' behavior, there should be a correlation to theefficient indicator on connection to the investor sentiment is necessary. There can also be atrading volume which can reflect how there can be a flow of transactions which would underpinsupply and demand factors that can be influencing and operating with the market in connectionto the moment.
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