Assignment on Hotel Planning and Design Process

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Running head: HOTEL PLANNING AND DESIGNHotel Planning and DesignName of Student-Name of University-Authors Note-
1HOTEL PLANNING AND DESIGNHotel Design ProcessAccording to Chathoth et al. (2013), hotels are sensitive to all the changes that occur in amarket, economic downturns and changes that have to be made in demand and supply changes.Hotels face many difficulties by facing competition from others hotels. If the design processes ofthe hotels are not done properly, it impacts the performance of the hotel. Tuominen & Ascenção(2016) stated that hotels should have proper designs, concept, and number of rooms, facility sizeand architectural styles so that they face less competition from other competitors in the market.They should need to take care of all the factors so that they face no difficulties in changing thedesigns and architecture of the hotel.Stages involved in Design ProcessThe processes that are involved in designing a hotel are follows:Master Planning: Master Planning involves the planning about what to be established in theproject, what the project consist of and should the project can exist at real world (HuertasGarcia,Laguna García & Consolación, 2014). The objectives that this phase consists are justification ofwhole project and also exploration of the solutions that have potential design.Programming: Programming process consists of the scope of the project with all the componentsthat are involved in the project. According to Norman & Verganti (2014), the components thatare involved in the project are individual area in a single facility and facilities that consists ofgreater complex. This includes the adjacencies that are required, desired sizing and any otherspecial considerations and requirements. The design of the owner and the requirement to designteam is communicated in the programming phase and all these are done in a written format
2HOTEL PLANNING AND DESIGN(Taylan Dortyol, Varinli & Kitapci, 2014). All the considerations that are to be done in handlingthe project should be written so that others may not face difficulty in handling the project.Concept Design: Any type of graphic communication is done in the phase of concept design indesign process. In conceptual design, the programs that are written in the programming stage areall translated into graphic form. As stated by Laguna & Marklund (2013), the conceptual designsusually consist of diagrams known as Bubble Diagrams which shows the location and size of allthe programs. Concept Design also has renderings which highlight the exterior, interior and otherdesigns that are included as the key element of project.Schematic Design: Schematic design mainly is developed on concept phase by developing theschematic block drawings that identifies walls, furniture, counters or equipments of the hotels.The footprint of space is defined by schematic designs (Könings, Bovill & Woolner, 2017). Theschematic designs presents footprint but do not have details in these blocks.Design Development: In this design phase, the plan of the floor is locked typically and all detailsin the space are developed and defined. In schematic phase, the location and the dimension of thebar are identified, but in the design development, particular pieces of the equipment isincorporated and selected in the design. Vujosevic & Popovic (2016) stated that by the end of thedesign development phase, all the walls, equipments, fixtures and furniture should all beincluded in the drawing and should be mentioned and identified clearly. It is not possible for themanufacturer to get an individual piece out of all bars. What equipments are required is verymuch important to know by the manufacturers and their configurations and dimensions.Construction Documents: The construction document is also known as the working drawingsbecause in this stage, the plumbing, electrical and the mechanical coordination that are required
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