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Running head: Bio-Prospecting1Bio-prospectingNameInstitution
Bio-Prospecting2Bio-ProspectingLikely Distribution OutcomesAccording to Neimark and Vermeylen (2017), in bio-prospecting exercises, there arevarious forms of uneven distribution of resources or unfair benefits enjoyed by those who areless entitled to the same. Apparently, the experts who have gained a lot of finances continue todominate the field and charge huge amounts of money for their skills while the indigenouspeople are paid less since they have less professional experience despite hosting the plants theirwhole lives. In an example given by the Hawaiian reading, the local people were denied rights toknow about licensing of some groups of people to have rights to use plants they had beencustodians to (Gugganig, 2017). In addition, they were denied basic jobs in similar projects andthe opportunities given to professionals from outside of the region (Gugganig 2017). Neimarkand Vermeylen (2017), claimed that in some cases the local people lacked information on thesame due to lack of knowledge of the benefits they are entitled to as a result of hosting thenatural resources in their geographical areas. Apparently, the biggest beneficiaries of the projectsare the rich people in the business while the societies who are more entitled to them get verylittle.Impacts on Cultural ValuesGugganig (2017) indicates that for the Hawaiian people, taro plant was an essentialsymbol of their heritage from the time of origin of their society. As such, it was used by manyfarmers for diverse reasons most importantly honored for cultural reasons. However, a learninginstitution acquired rights of control of the people who were allowed to grow the same(Gugganig, 2017). The practice was seen as a major violation of their cultural rights consideringtheir efforts over the years to preserve it. Apparently, many communities in ancient timesacknowledged the work of creation of organisms to higher mysterious powers hence when twoorganisms are bred to result into a different new creature; they create the impression thatscientists are playing god (Gugganig, 2017). Additionally, there have been cases where thediscussion of introducing genetically engineered crops in different countries has either beenpostponed or rejected due to the local people failure to want to be a part of these practices inrespect to their cultural beliefs (Gugganig 2017). As such, the cultural values impacts on the bio-
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