Assignment on Internal Communication Issues

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Running head: INTERNAL COMMUNICATION ISSUES1Internal Communication IssuesStudent’s NameInstitutional Affiliation
INTERNAL COMMUNICATION ISSUES2Internal Communication IssuesTO: All employeesFROM: The Director, Data SolutionsDATE: March 28, 2018SUBJECT: Internal Communication IssuesCommunication is essential in organization growth and in boosting sales and marketingboth within and outside the firm. The communication audit process in the organization wasconducted in trying to find the underlying issues. Several components of communication wereanalyzed leading to the discovery of issues in internal communication channels, partialcommunication network, and ineffective meetings. The memo is a response in realization of thechallenges sets the objective of meeting effective communication and ensuring productivemeetings for effective operations.The first issue observed relates to lack of choice on a proper communication processbetween the digital and the traditional. Despite the proper functioning of both means, properchoice has to be made depending on the target market and the specific context in question. Forinstance, the use of digital communication channel should materialize whenever dealing withyouthful clients as opposed to the use of traditional communication paths (Goleman, 2017).The second problem involves a limited or partial communication network that fails tocover a number of individuals thus leading to information distortion or total lack of it to someparties. I realized that the challenge leaves some individuals out or those receiving it havingtrouble encoding the same thus lead to improper implementation of information in context.According to DiSanza & Legge (2016), the problem affects the general performance and
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