Issues in Samsung Company : Assignment

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1SAMSUNGConclusionIn this assignment on Samsung the issues that were identified from the violation casereports include the poor working conditions of the company in Brazil and a civil action lawsuitwas filed against the company. The organizational policies and practices of Samsung have alsobeen accused of violating labor laws at six factories of China. The investigative report which waspublished mentioned that the series unethical and brutal violations imposed a negative reputationon the company culture. It was gathered from the report that the company was also charged forphysical and verbal abuse on the Chinese workers and they were forced to work more than 100hours of overtime. All these accusations on the company have had a negative impact on thebusiness culture of Samsung and the number of employees leaving the company has increased.As it was mentioned throughout the report that the unity among the company has beenquestioned after 70 years of its inception, thus putting leadership, power and formal authoritypractices at stake. The need for unionization in the company will be beneficial for theorganizational performance. If the CSR of the company is looked at, the elements which have adirect impact on the lives of the workers are highlighted. The factories of Samsung top the list inviolating laws whether it is poor working conditions or misusing the young workers of thefactory.The prime challenges that are faced by the company in the management of humanresources are new recruitment. The negative image of the company has spread to such an extentthat no members are ready to work in the company. Misbehavior of the existing employees hasalso resulted in the loss of employees from the company. Samsung has terribly failed in theprocess of employee retention. With the loss of employees and lack of new recruitment, theproductivity of the company is also getting damaged. They are not only suffering in thedepartment of human resources but also in increasing sales.The strategies will be beneficial because it will increase respect for the employees andwill be able to fill the loopholes for the betterment. These strategies will help in thecompensation of the charges against Samsung which will make both employees and customershappy and satisfied. Samsung can also set up a task force team which will enhance team spiritand help in an overall orientation of the company.
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