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Assignment of System Analysis (IT)

Added on - 16 Mar 2020

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1Running Head: SYSTEM ANALYSISSystem AnalysisStudent’s NameInstitution
2SYSTEM ANALYSISSystem AnalysisQuestion 1The key non-functional system requirements for the Headspace project include functionality,usability, reliability, performance, and supportability. Functionality is the range of operationsthat can be run by an IT system. It comprises of several aspects including security, capability,and reusability (Chung, 2012). The IT solution required by the organization should have thegeneral features that serve its needs, is compatible with other systems, is easily portable, and hasvarious security features that mitigate the risks of exploitation or safety threats. A system withhigh functionality is secure against various security threats, connects with necessary externalsystems, and offers features that aligned with the organization needs.Usability is ease of use of a human-designed object such as a device, website, etc. In systemdevelopment, usability implies the extent to which the system is used by target audience toachieve specific goals with efficiency and satisfaction. Usability involves several factors whichinclude human factors, aesthetics, responsiveness, and consistency (Albert, 2013). Balancingthese aspects is key to achieving high usability which is significant for the Headspace project. Ahighly usable system is essential in the foundation to ensure it can be effectively used by the staffto provide patient-centered care.Reliability is the probability of a system performing a specific operation under specifiedconditions without failure within a given timeframe (Lyu, 2007). System reliability is animportant requirement that has to be considered when implementing a new system. It is definedby several aspects which include availability, failure extent, predictability, and accuracy.Reliability of the proposed solution is essential to the Headspace foundation as it carries out
3SYSTEM ANALYSISsensitive tasks that require real-time information. High system reliability enhances theeffectiveness and efficiency of the organization in providing care.Performance is a key non-functional requirement for any system. Firms running systems seekhigh performance which quick execution of tasks. Performance involves the speed, capacity,efficiency, throughput, resource consumption, and scalability (Liu, 2011). The organizationneeds a system with high performance which rapidly processes information and produces theexpected output. A system with high performance has high speed, scales operations based onneed, effectively uses resources available, and enhances the efficiency of operations. With asystem that has high performance, Headspace can easily access information and utilize thesystem to provide care to the patients.Supportability refers to the ease of installing, configuring, and monitoring a system, identifyingerrors, debugging, and providing maintenance to restore the system into service (Pecht, 2009).Any firm wants a system that is easy to install and maintain. A highly supportable system can beeasily set up, configured as per the organization’s needs, and can be easily debugged to identifyand resolve faults. Such a system is vital for Headspace foundation as it needs a system that canbe easily maintained to support healthcare operations at the organization.Some of the key functional system requirements include business rules, administrative functions,user authentication, access levels, data analysis, and reporting. In contrast to the non-functionalsystem requirements defined, these requirements specify a function that the system shouldexecute (Pohl, 2010). For example, the system is expected to generate medical reports for eachpatient. On the other hand, non-functional system requirements specific criteria for assessingsystem operations (Glinz, 2007). For example, system performance defines how to determinehow quickly the system executes a specific task.
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