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Table of ContentsIntroduction3Task 13LO1: P1, P2 and M1, M2 and D13P1 Key roles and responsibilities of the marketing functions in relation to H&M3P2 Explaining the relationship between roles and responsibilities of marketing to H&M4Task 24LO2: P3, M34P3 Comparing the different ways of marketing mix by H&M and Zara4Task 36LO3: P4, M4 and D26P4 Basic marketing plan for H&M6Conclusion8References9
IntroductionThe achievement of the success in an organization is generally based on the proper operation ofthe organization and the better management of the marketing of the organization. The smoothdevelopment of the marketing of the organization is because of the overall development of theorganization. It Is evident that the rise in the development of the organisation is for the smoothmarketing skills of the organization. In support of the marketing of the organization onorganization need to be well aware of the mix for marketing and the better usage of those. Thefollowing assignment in discussions about the key roles of marketing in terms of H&M and alsodiscusses the relationship between roles and the responsibilities of the organization. Theassignment also provides market plan for organization to deal with success in the market.Task 1LO1: P1, P2 and M1, M2 and D1 P1 Key roles and responsibilities of the marketing functions in relation to H&MOpportunities do not fly about in every market situation. It needs to be afforded and evaluated bymanagers of the organization. The better management of the functions of the marketing marksthe rise in the proper development of the organization. The success of the organization mostlydepends upon the better understanding of the situation of the organization and the also thefunctions of the market in the organization. As supported by Lewandowski, (2016, p.43),advantages of an organization depends upon the better evaluation of the functions of marketing.H&M have proper managed to evaluate the functions of marketing in better way. Buying andselling of the products is well managed by H&M. The products produced by are lower than theprice of the competitors, which signifies more demand on the product and better sale. Financingof the organization is mostly through the public funding and loans from bank which areaffordable and well settling. In terms of transportation, H&M mostly relies on the sale of theproduct through online and only spends in the direct sending of the goods to the customers,reducing in between cost. As supported by Blombäck and Brunninge (2016, p.267), processing isone of the key factor that marks the functions of marketing and H&M have made better aspect inlowering the processing cost. The lowering of the cost has made their product much moreaffordable to every group of people in the society. Market information is gathered fromfeedback, news and surveys by H&M, as they believe in better and updated informationregarding the market.
As inferred by Mazzucato and Penna (2016, p.325), objectives of marketing is to make theoperation of an organization worth noticing to the customers of the organization. The customerof the organization needs to be made aware of the operation going on in the organization. Thesuccess of the organization is however not only depended on the basis of the role of marketing ifnot followed and implemented properly Soloaga and Guerrero (2016, p.45). SWOT of HRMStrengthMost of the product of H&M are based on theaffordable pricesCelebrities assigned to storesWeaknessCapital amount in the mainatainece of theorganiationImpact of micro and macro environment oncustomer is highOpportunityOnline shopping at its peakWell positioned market in the societyThreatLow completion less innovationUnemployment in the societyAnalysis: from the above table it is evidently supported that the rise in the understanding of theviews and the ideas of the strength of the company is based on the celebrity support whichenhanced the acknowledging capacity of the customer. The affordable price is another hike in thestrength of the organisation.The weakness lies in the maximum usage of the capital in the maintenance of the organisation.Moreover, the impact of the micro and macro environment changes on people of the society ishigh.PEST of HRMPESTDescriptionPoliticalThe political situation of the rise and the fall inthe policies have resulted H&M tocontinuously change the policies in theorganisation would be greatly helping theopportunities of the organisation.EconomicalIn terms of the situation of the economicalfactors there is concern in terms of the incomelevel of the people in the society with the fall

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