Assignment on Lead and Manage Team

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Running head: LEAD AND MANAGE TEAMLead and Manage TeamName of the student:Name of the university:Author note
2LEAD AND MANAGE TEAMTask 1a)The three areas of team performance include innovation, learning and buildingcommitment. Innovation is required in the team to stay ahead of others by doing andcreating something which will be an out- of- the box idea or activity. Success of abusiness is dependent on the flexibility and innovation without constantly puttingpressure on the team. Productivity of a team is increased when they have the right skillsto learn and succeed. The leader has to assure the team that skill development isexpected. The team has to be groomed in a way that they are committed to the success ofthe business (Anderson 2016).b)One of the methods to be used while giving feedback is that there should be positive aswell as negative comments. The team members will be motivated after receiving positivefeedback while they will be able to rectify their mistakes after listening to the negativefeedback. The other method is that the feedback should be given on time without delay.Feedback should be given as per the demand of the situation. There is no use of givingfeedback later when the work is already done. In that way, the member will lose thechance of improving his work (Boies, Fiset and Gill 2015).Task 2The performance issue in the workplace included the difference in the thinking power ofthe team members with the manager (Ford 2014). The people in the team were thinking that theirway of working is better than that of the manager. The reason behind this difference in thinkingis due to the fact that the employees only think about themselves. If they do not understand themanagerial way of working then they protest at once. This becomes an issue in the workplace
3LEAD AND MANAGE TEAMwhen the manager is unable to deal with such challenges from the employees and address theconcern in an open and respectful manner. When the team members were given instruction on aparticular activity, they were not attentive towards it and simply acted according to their ownwill. These kinds of behavior evolved an aura of conflict and non- cooperation in the workplacewhich had a negative impact on the organizational performance (Belbein 2012).The manager can use the problem solving tools such as listening. With effective listeningthe team members will understand that their opinion is being valued. After listening to theirconcerns it is important to identify what they want. The manager can also use their ideas if thoseseem to be feasible and it should be assured that the team is able to accept their required workand the process of doing it. The process of problem- solving is more of a compromising naturethan competing. It starts with the kind of approach from the other party such as the teammembers in the given scenario. The manager can use this approach for solving the issue in theworkplace as this method does not consider the opponent as a threat but as an ally. The managerwill be able to understand the team members’ situation and the reason behind their particularbehavior which will help him in working towards the solution of the issue (Kouzes and Posner1990).Task 3A role model is someone at whom the team will look up to and act as per his instructions.To become a role model and represent the team as per their demand is not an easy task. Aneffective team leader must work on him to bring the change that he wants others to reflect. As itis said that action speaks louder than words but there is no calculation of the frequency at whichthe action is spoken of. If the leader is unable to bring the change in him it is not appropriate of
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