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Assignment on Leadership Skills

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Added on  2020-04-21

Assignment on Leadership Skills

   Added on 2020-04-21

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Running head: LEADERSHIP SKILLSLEADERSHIP SKILLSName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
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1LEADERSHIP SKILLSReport 1:My experience:While I was placed in an organization in my internship years, I was given the position ofa leader of eight member team. Previously I had never demonstrated any leadership skills andtherefore I was quite concerned about my leadership skills. While working in the team, I decidedon a strategy in order to complete a task. When I conveyed the strategy of time management, twoof the members suggested that the strategy would not bring out positive effect as this wouldrequire more time. However, I became quite disappointed and stated that since I am the leaderthey are bound to follow my decisions. Though they expressed dissatisfaction initially, theyacted as per my guidance eventually. Moreover, I also noticed that I was not being able tosocialize with them and only communicated with them when I needed to talk about work. Thiswas making the working environment very strenuous and was creating pressure as I was notsupporting an informal environment to be developed in workplace. There was no question ofshowing empathy towards the team members as they could not be trusted with the work. I hadlittle confidence that they would work successfully towards fulfillment of the goal. Theproductivity of the team members was very poor under my leadership and they felt highlystressed.Leadership skill that I will follow:The leadership theory which I select is my transformational leadership. Transformationalleadership is a form of leadership where the leaders inspire their team members in every possibleway so that they are able to fulfill the company’s goals and missions. This style mainly shows amodel of integrity and fairness along with having a set of goals (Avolio and Yammarino 2013).
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2LEADERSHIP SKILLSHere the leaders encourage others and at the same time provide support and recognition of theperformance of the team members. A transformational leader mainly provides importance to thedevelopment of trust and relationship among the team members helping each of them to lookbeyond their self interest and inspiring them to reach beyond expectations (Dumdum, Lowe andAvolio 2013). They create an inspiring vision for the future by allowing everyone to contributetheir precious suggestions while decision making so that innovative and creative ideas can beimplemented. All these help the leaders to ensure that the capability for the team member’s ismaximized (McClesky et al., 2014). Researchers have stated that leaders following this style ofleadership need to be well organized and expect their members to be creative allowing effectivefeedback giving and receiving skills. Their main goal should be team oriented where membersshould be influenced to work together by developing strong bonds (Kark and Shamir 2013).Moreover researchers have also stated that such leaders become successful in building strongcoalitions and can establish mutual trust. In addition, they have high integrity as well as highemotional intelligence showing empathy with others (Antonakis and House 2014).Lessons learnt from this theory:After going thoroughly through this theory, I learnt that I had actually made a number ofmistakes while leading my team. The first weakness I noted is that I did not have properfeedback giving and receiving skills. Therefore, I got very disappointed when my team memberswanted to give me feedback on my decisions. I was more of autocratic leader than thetransformational leader. As I did not allow them to express their feelings, they feel disrespectedand their self esteem got hurt. This affected their productivity and they developed a negativefeeling. Secondly, due to my poor socializing skills, I failed to develop an informal relationshipwith them. Researchers say that informal environment helps employees in releasing their stress
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