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Assignment Management Communication

Added on - 07 Apr 2020

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Running head: MANAGEMENT COMMUNICATIONManagement communicationName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1MANAGEMENT COMMUNICATIONTo,The CEOSilk Road FurnishingSydney, NSWDate: 21/09/2017Sub: Evaluation of effectiveness of online and offline stores.Dear Sir,As discussed earlier, I have visited the store of IKEA in Sydney for the evaluation oftheir offline and online market strategies. IKEA is being chosen due to the reason that, they areeffectively operating in both online and offline market in Sydney. Moreover, the business sectorof both IKEA and Silk Road Furnishings is similar. Thus, evaluation of their marketing activitieswill help to determine the effectiveness of both the offline and online marketing activities.Moreover, it will also help to identify an ideal plan of implementation for Silk Road Furnishingsin expanding their market presence and area.In Sydney, IKEA opened their physical store in their initial period. Online shop is beinginitiated in the later stage. In doing this, they had certain plan. According to them, having thephysical store helps in effectively catering to the market (Pauwels and Neslin 2015). In addition,the brand identity is being enhanced with the help of physical store. Thus, in the initial stage,
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