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B.SC (HONS) IN COMPUTING / ELECTRONIC COMMERCE / BUSINESSMULTIMEDIA APPLICATIONSIN – COURSE ASSESSMENTIntake:Lecturer:Hamzah Mohd KharirDate assigned:19th January 2015Due date:17th April 2015-Submission13th April 2015-Presentation1.0THE PROJECT OVERVIEWDevelop an interactive animated movie that contains specified title and story. The minimumduration of the video is ONE minute. You are given the freedom of choosing the titlesspecified in Section 4.0. The focus of this multimedia application is to help the generalpublic to be aware or to be educated about the current issue, or fields of interest you havechosen. The animated movie that you are yet to develop is to be used as an informative oreducational tool. The scope and contents of the title chosen are to be entirely determined bythe students.2.0OBJECTIVES OF THIS PROJECT:Develop the students’ practical ability to implement and document multimedia application.Introduce student to the current technical issues in the area of multimedia.3.0 LEARNING OUTCOMES:At the end of this project, the students should be able to:Develop multimedia presentation relating to a specific topic using the multimedia tools.Distinguish the difference between effective and ineffective use of multimedia.Multimedia Applications in-course assessment handout1

Have an impressive portfolio piece, and a thorough understanding of multimediafundamentals4.0PROJECT TITLE:List of project topics for you to choose are as follows:TitleAlbert EinsteinStephen HawkingThe life of DaVincciPresident LincolnPresident KennedyPresident GeorgeWashingtonThomas EdinsonApollo 13Political system in anycountryFrench RevolutionGreatest Invention inMalaysiaPrime Minister in anycountryRobotTerrorismRichest man in the worldAbout the great artist, PicassoRussian RevolutionStory about policeVan GoghMicheal AngeloQueen Elizabeth of EnglandHuman cloningAny Fairy TalesThe greatest artists inMalaysiaWilliam ShakespeareNielson MandelaStory about diamondThe greatest literature ofEngland Story about firemenStory about FBILiving beings in the seaLiving beings in the desertGreat Philosopher in theworld5.0TYPE:Individual work 6.0REGISTRATIONYou need to register the chosen titles with your lecturer, and get these approved. A proposalform of the project chosen is to be handed to me two weeks from today 7.0PROJECT DESCRIPTIONYour application must have significant use of the following elements so that you get somepractice with them:Element1Text and animated text2Graphic3Audio4AnimationMultimedia Applications in-course assessment handout2

All elements mentioned above might not be able to be covered in lecture before the submissiondue date, therefore you must learn yourself first so that you can apply them on your application.No doubt there will be further clarifications as the days progress!8.0DELIVERABLES:The documents (project report in printed form; Assignment 1) and Multimedia Application(animated movie) in the form of a CD-ROM (assignment 2).8.1MULTIMEDIA APPLICATION IN CD FORM:The completed animated movie must be compiled into an (*.swf) executable file and burnedinto a CD-ROM. Do not submit some other format like *.html, *.dir, etc. The CD-ROM should also consist of raw media files (e.g. *.jpg, *.gif, *.psd, .mov etc.) and allFlash working files (*.fla).The running time of your movie should not less than 1 minutes8.2DOCUMENTS: PROJECT REPORTAs part of your assessment, you will have to submit the project report in printed form whichinclude the followings: Table of contentsAcknowledgement SectionObjectives of your animated movieTargeted users’ backgroundTargeted users’ requirementsConcepts art and character designAbstractApplication structureStoryboard Creative and unique features in your movieReferences (Use Harvard Naming Convention; Refer notes below)Note:Multimedia Applications in-course assessment handout3

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