ASSIGNMENT. Name: Abdullah Javaid. Subject: Auditing an

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ASSIGNMENTName:Abdullah JavaidSubject:Auditing and AssuranceDue date:7thMayMake sure there is no more than 5% plagiarism (Software Turnitin)Research requirements:Students need to support their analysis and solutions /recommendations using current Australian Auditing Standards, the text and a minimum often (10) suitable, reliable, current and academically acceptable sourcesPresentation:2000 words +/- 10% report.QUESTION 1The following situations may or may not breach the ethical requirements of APES 110.You need to state whether they are or are not a breach of the ethical requirements of APES110and if they are a breach of the ethical requirements state which ethical principle has been breached :(a)The Mortdale Accounting firm had carried out several audits of public companies in the last year.Itnow provided the working papers to the Penshurst Accountants who were carrying out a peerreview of the audits by Mortdale Accounting.The Mortdale Accounting firm does notadvise its clientsof these reviews.(b) Jan Dungog,a CPA , applies to a local public accounting firm of Chartered Accountants, for aposition ,but asks the local public accounting firm not to contact her current employer.The localpublic accounting firm do not contact her contact her current employer but hire her withoutcontacting them or her other referees .(c)WendalSailor ,a chartered accountant,acquires an insurance and superannuation business as wellas conducting audits.During audits Wendal Sailor frequently contacts the firms during the auditadvising them of their other services prior to providing their final Audit Opinion.(d) Judith Durham is the partner on an audit of a not for profit charitable organisation.She is also amember of the Board of Directors but this position is honorary and does not involve her performingany management function.(e) Ernie Dengate sells his accounting practice which includes bookkeeping, tax and auditing.Heobtains permission for the release of tax working papers but does not request permission for the
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