Assignment on System Analysis and Design

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Assignment NO: 1
System Analysis and Design
Book reading is an important habit for mental health and includes lot of benefits
regarding stress reduction, knowledge and confidence. Cynthia a book lover,
have an idea to start a business related to book launching, exchanging, book
meetup events, live chats and book advertisement. So,in this report, we
developed a business requirement and proposed a system design for an online
lifestyle substitute business and named it “”. In this website,
user can launch their books, get a review about them, exchange books, share
with others and this application also gives opportunity to book owners what want
to market their books. Moreover, website also aims to organize meetup events so
book lover physically meets with each other and share their experiences.
Answer to Question NO 1:
In this System, we identified the following stakeholders (human and non-human)
Human Actors:
1.Children:In this system, a child would be able to register on the website
with verified parent details and other contacts.
2.Registered Book User:This website only offers individual registration
and required verification. Any user will able to Sign Up and able to use
website after successful verification of user id. After successful verification,
the normal registered user act as a registered book user and perform
permitted functionalities.
3.Subscriber:When a registered book user launched a book on the website
and provide full details with address then it becomes a subscriber.
4.Content Manager:When a subscriber (registered book user) launched a
book and provides details then the content manager has privileges to
approve or disapprove it based on the company terms and services.
5.Administrator:Company CEO will able to observe website analytics
about users and activities like which book sold most and related insights.
6.Book Authors:Book authors allowed to place book advertisement to this
website, so all users can see different published book and option to buy
Non-Human Factors:
1.3rdparty Services:when book authors want to advertise their books
then they need to pay through bank or any other party. So most
probably company initially provides PayPal as a payment method
that is accepted worldwide.
2.Sponsors:Now company has got enough funds to develop website
but a company owner Cynthia wants upgradeable website and also
mobile app so company need to integrate with different sponsors for
Functional Requirements:
Functional Requirements defines the main functionality of the system. We
identified following functional requirements for the system.
1.1.Children will able to register into system with parent details.
1.2.Children will able to login into the System.
2.Registered Book User/ Subscriber:
2.1.User will able to register into the system.
2.2.User Will able to login into the system.
2.3.User will able to launch their own books.
2.4.User will able to give away their books to other registered members.
2.5.User will also able to post advertisement about their books.
2.6.User will able to use live chat rooms.
2.7.User will able to select mode of communication.
2.8.User will be able to registered foe meetup events.
2.9.User will able to renew their account before 15 days of expiry date.
2.10.User will able to view meetup plans.
2.11.User will able to provide reviews and comments about other books.
2.12.User will able to make acquisition request for Books.
2.13.User will able to remove book once book is acquired by another
3.Content Manager:
3.1.Manager will able to approve or disapprove book launch request.
3.2.Manager will able to approve advertisement requests.
4.1.Administrator will able to use portal to view data analytics.
4.2.Administrator will able to view most exchanged books.
4.3.Administrator will able to view customer analytics.
4.4.Administrator will able to view book exchange analytics.
4.5.Administrator will able to view book analytics and ratings.
5.Book Authors:
5.1.Book Authors will able to post advertisement about their own books.
6.1.After user registration expires, System will halt all launch book
6.2.System will be sent automatically an email to user who is
interested in book acquisition about unavailability of books in
case of expire registration of another user.
6.3.Advertisement should automatically remove by system if expiry date
comes to end.
6.4.System would entertain advertisement request automatically by
applying first come first serve algorithms.
Non-Functional Requirements:
The system should implement verification and authorization so no
user can create account without id proof.
The system should be maintainable so if company grows and want
to add more features, they can easily do it.
The system must be available all time without unexpected
Ease of Use:
The system should be easy to use and support multiple languages.
User can easily find books via search options and based on
Answer to Question No 2:
Use Case Diagram:
The unified Modelling Language (UML) allows you to summarize the details of
the users (also known as actors) of a system and their interactions with the
system in a use case diagram. A use case diagrams helps in discussion and
Scenarios in which system interact with people, organization and third-
party systems.
Goals that your system or application helps those entities (known as
actors) achieve
The scope of your system
A special set of symbols and connectors is used to create it. After identifying
stakeholders, function and nonfunctional requirements we make following use
case diagrams.
Answer to Question No 3:
Use Case Number:UC-ID-1
Use Case Name:Launch Books
Use Case Type:Base
Use Case Priority:High
Primary Actor:Registered book reader
1. Registered book reader must be login into the system.
1.Registered book reader will able to successfully apply for book
launch request.
2.Launch request will go to content Manger
Main Success Scenario:
1.User clicks on “Launch Book”
button on the dashboard.
3. User fills all the required fields and
press “Next ‘Button.
5. User will enter required address and press
“Launch Book” button.
2.System show editable form and asks
to enter Complete Book details.
4.System will ask to enter address
where book is available.
6. System will forward that request to
content manager for approval.
Alternative Flows:
3.a. The user does not fill all the required fields. System will show error message and
ask to enter again.
Use Case Number:UC-ID-2
Use Case Name:Remove Books
Use Case Type:Abstract Use Case
Use Case Priority:Medium
Primary Actor:Registered book reader, another user that acquired book
1.Registered book reader must be login into the system.
2.Registered reader book must be acquired by another users.
1.Registered book reader will able to successfully remove their
Main Success Scenario:
1.User clicks on “remove Book”
option on sidebar.
3. User will press “Click to proceed”
2.System will check eligibility and
show button “click to proceed”.
4.System will successfully remove the
book from their account and update the
Alternative Flows:
2.a user will not eligible because its book is not yet acquired by someone. So,
system display error message “Please first meet the requirements for removing
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