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Assignment Nr.2Due Date:25 November, 2016To, which contains classes ApplicationCentreand Student. Submit this file as an attachment to an email sent tocampeanu@yorku.caand write your name and your student number in the Subject line.IntroductionWrite a Java program to handle applications for universities admission providing amuch better user interface than in the program discussed in the second lecture. Thisprogram should work as anappletwiththewidth = 700 pixels and the height = 500pixels. The applet should run with JDK’s appletviewer. If you use IDE Javaenvironments such as DrJava make sure that at the end your code also works in JDK.If you do not have JDK working on your home PC you can always use the TEL labsPCs.The tasks of this Java program are similar to those of the example discussed in week2. This program should allow various users:- to enter information for a number of candidates/students,- to display the information about all the candidates stored- to display the information for a certain candidateYour TaskIn this assignmentclass Studentencapsulates the student information relevant foruniversities admission: student name (just the family name), highschool average and3 universities chosen. The admission is based on the highschool average according tothe following table:UniversityHighschool averagefor admissionToronto90York84Brock75Guelph76
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