Nursing Care Plan - Assignment

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This is a Nursing Care Plan. This plan-table has four main columns which are listed below:

  • Nursing Diagnosis Goals 
  • Interventions    
  • Rationale    
  • Evaluation

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Nursing Care Plan ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Nursing DiagnosisGoalsInterventionsRationaleEvaluation1. Dementia, anxiety,depression, mooddisorders, schizophrenia.2. Cognitive impairmentand inability to carry outsimplest tasks. 3. Low level of oralhygiene in dementiapatient.To manage thebehaviouralsymptoms ofdementia,schizophrenia,and mooddisorders. Monitoring pain, providing andstimulation and social contact,flexibility in the daily routine of theolder person. Engaging the patientin constructive activities to removethe boredom. Aroma therapy andtouch therapy and speech therapycan be given (Reijnders et al.,2013).Thesenonpharmacologicinterventions candecrease the behaviouralproblems and can induceindependence.Aromatherapy, touchtherapy can inducesensory stimulation. The patient will stopshowing mood disordersand will amelioratebehavioural problems.To assess thecognitiveproblems andencourage thepatient to carryout simple tasks.To conduct short outings with thepatient, preparing routine exerciseregimen for the patient to mobilisehim. Preparing safe working area,seating preferences, consideringtimes of the day that suits theperson's best level of functioning,such as a late afternoon walk(Reijnders et al., 2013).Proper exercises wouldimprovethecardiovascular benefits,endurance, motor skillsand would strengthenbalance. Mobilisationwould reduce the diseaseassociated mentaldecline and would alsohelp in better social andcommunication skills.There would be less risksof fall and patient wouldstart doing small, easyactivities. Maintenance oforal hygieneTo encourage mouthwashing beforeand after the meal using mouthrinses and fluoride containingProper mouthwashingtechnique will preventtooth decay and gumPatient would report agood oral health.

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