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Being social is an undeniable requirement of every individual entity of the human
world. The social network platforms are the best options to connect people and business
irrespective of the place.
Capriotti & Losada-Díaz, (2018) mentioned about certain feature that makes
Facebook an effective communication tool. Firstly, the platform uses different
communication tools including messages, live chat, and video call. The platform provides the
option to customize the account and selecting the audience according the nature of the
business. Facebook gives the opportunity to make the profile completely business oriented by
posting related content on the wall. This procedure of content posting is known as content
marketing. Eriksson & Olsson, (2016) mentioned that during the end of 2011 Facebook
introduced ‘Timeline’ as a mode of developing the process of conference. The term
introduced features like cover photos or cover videos to making the profile attractive to the
viewers. The likes and share button are the process to increase client engagement for the
particular business. Number of likes and shares increases the weightage of the business that
grabs the attention of maximum viewers. Facebook messenger is another feature that
provides the service of instant messaging with different software and application. The
original chatting box initiated in Facebook in the year 2008. They revamped the messaging
service in 2010 and released the standalone application for Androids and iOS in 2011. (Sias,
P. M., & Duncan, K. L. (2018) mentioned the importance of Facebook group in stating about
its efficiency in creating effective business communication. The business owner can select
other particular person or group and create a separate group to communicate with business
related messages.

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