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Student’s Last Name1Business ManagementBy (Name)CourseProfessorUniversityDate
Student’s Last Name2Flowchart of The Backstage and Front stage operations of Gourmet RestaurantFront StageBack StageGourmet RestaurantIntroductionThis paper intends to look at the importance of service experience and the difficulties inmanagement associated with it. In the day to day business environment, the service providersDining areaBar regionServers Waiting areaReservation bookingDeskKitchenWashroomCall RoomLocker Room
Student’s Last Name3offer services to their customers. Each customer’s experience at the service counter or at thetable in a restaurant situation is different. The way the hotel attendants handle cases, such asmixed up table reservations or having to break to the customer the bad news that all the tablesavailable have been booked, defines each customer’s experience. Different attending employeeshave different methods of handling the customers. Some will first engage the customer in a briefconversation, making them feel welcome and valued while others go straight to the point, servethe customer without making them feel welcome a second time. Customers are pleased withgood service and where they get to be engaged by the service provider.Significance of Service EncounterThe opinion that a customer has towards a service rendered to them whether in arestaurant after a nice meal, or an airline after flying with it is called service encounter. Thecapability to meet the needs of the customer is entirely dependent on the service giver (Updhyay,& Sharma 2014, pp.34). Immediately the customer gets to speak with the hotel attendant servinghim or her, they start to assess their dining experience at that restaurant. Customers evaluate thelevel to which their satisfaction has been met in accordance to the service provider hence, eventhough the meal served to them is a delicacy and the waiter bring it to the table is rude, thecustomer will most likely conclude the entire dining experience was unpleasant. The restaurantbusiness is competitive since at every corner there is a hotel or a fast food service system,therefore, the business owners strive to create business models without gaps that could be filledby upcoming entrepreneurs.The behavior portrayed by the service providers at the front line is critical to a customer'sassessment of a service (Hassan 2013, pp.412). Thereby, a good service encounter is key to
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