Assignment on Child Development

Added on - May 2020

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1CHILD DEVELOPMENTQuestion 1:Although each child is unique, and the physical and cognitive development of any childis expected to be different from the rest, there are certain milestones that are required to beaccomplished by a toddler, regardless of his age and his nature. The first milestone is hisphysical development, as by the time, a toddler turns two years, he must be able to walk on hisfeet. More importantly, he can also engage himself in more flexible activities, such as he canwalk up and down the stair, exert some force and kick a ball, and go down the slide as well. Hissocial skills are developed by the time he turns 1 and a half years old, and he can understandmore than he can utter words. As a toddler, he can speak at least several single words, eventhough some are less distinct than others. The social skills of the child also develop, and yet hisability to choose a partner to engage with or to interact with, is limited (Ortega, 2006). He cannotindependently choose whom to interact with, and often looks up other people to learn aboutsocial preferences. As far as his cognitive development is concerned, he may lack concentration,but he develops memory. As a result, he must be able to pick up a few words and use them later.It is highly important for the early child educators to have sufficient knowledge regardingthe milestones in the toddler development, as this will help them understand if the child hasachieved the milestones or is he lagging behind in terms of his social and cognitive development.This will help them to understand what to be expected out of a toddler in terms of his skills andabilities, and in case he lags behind, which steps shall help in his development. For instance, incase a child educator finds that a toddler is not exhibiting the expected cognitive development asthe rest of his age, he may design new activities for him, or send him for counselling.Question 2:
2CHILD DEVELOPMENTAs far as the physical development of a child is concerned, several factors such asheredity, nutrition level of the food offered, health of the mother in her prenatal period, as well asthe socio-economic status of the toddlers play an important role in determining their physicaldevelopment (Hamlin et al., 2007). On the other hand, as far as the emotional development of achild is concerned, factors involved affecting the same include family structure, the level ofengagement of the parents with the children, family relations, the nature of play activities thechild is engaged in, and the intelligence level of the child.In order to gather necessary and relevant information required for understanding thephysical and cognitive development of the toddler, questions to be asked to the parent are asfollows:1.Is the average height or average weight of the immediate as well as the extended familymembers of the child average or below average?2.What kind of food does the child eat at his age, and how many times a day is he fed?3.Has the child in the recent past suffered from any infectious disease that may haveimpeded his growth for a temporary period?4.How often is the toddler allowed to play outside?5.How many members in the family are employed?6.Who does the toddler spend his time with?7.How often do the parents engage and interact with the child in a day?8.Do DHA, protein and essential minerals, along with supplementary food form animportant part of the diet of the child?9.Does the child engage in pretend play activities?10.Who does the child spend most of his time with?
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