Assignment on Children of ATA TESOL College

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Student Assessment
©2006 ATA TESOL CollegeEnglish for Children Ass. V03/0115/MA2
*Assignment Cover PageTitle of elective:____________________________________Name:(First & Last Name only)___________________________________________________Current Postal Address:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Home phone number: ____________________________Mobile number: ___________________________________Email address:_____________________________________Number of electives already completed: ___________(excluding this one)*must be submitted with completed assignment.©2006 ATA TESOL CollegeEnglish for Children Ass. V03/0115/MA3
ATA: Requirements for CompletingAssignmentsBefore you begin, make sure that you have read the“Usefulguide to completing your assessments”document.Complete all assignments.Answer all assignment questions fully.Complete all activities and lesson plans accurately with fulldetail using the ATA Lesson plan template. You must list allresources to be used in the lesson but need not include theactual resources unless stated.Once you have completed all the required assignments foryour elective, please send them via email If you would like to post yourassignments, please submit them asone file in a plasticsleevealong with a self stamped return envelopetothe address below.If you require assistance with any assignment questions andtasks pleaseemailthe Elective name, assignment numberand question or task number with your query AssignmentsWhen sending in your work via E-mail:When e-mailing your completed elective assignments pleasesend as a single file usingMicrosoftWord.Include anASSIGNMENT COVER PAGEas outlined on theprevious page.Email your ‘WORD file’ in theSubject:Your Name and Title of Elective e.g.:John Citizen – English for Children .When sending in your work via Mail:Please type your assignments or neatly print them.Include anASSIGNMENT COVERPAGE.Any assignments that are not legible will be returned forresubmission.Address your envelope as follows:“Children” AssignmentsATA TESOL CollegeP O Box 2149TOOWONG QLD 4066©2006 ATA TESOL CollegeEnglish for Children Ass. V03/0115/MA4
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