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Running head: CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORKConceptual FrameworkName of student-Name of University-Authors Note-
1CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORKMain Response:Design science is known as a specialized discipline which can rather be stated asintegration of disciplines. Conceptual tool in design science is used as patterning thoughts. It isoften considered as metaphor which organizes information. The conceptual tool that is related todesign science mainly has four research activities which consist of theory building, systemdevelopment, experimentation and the field studies. Synergy means the behavior that the wholesystem has which is unpredictable by the behaviors of any other parts of the system are takenseparately. Humanity is mainly responsible for all the actions that are made fundamental withdesign science.The methodology of design science consists of many phases. The design science planningprocess includes: Choosing the particular problem of the situation. This includes where to startthe process. The second method includes in defining the problem. In this phase what is theproblem about is stated and which part is not working is mainly stated in this phase1. Third phaseconsists of the preferred state that is what is really wanted, what should be achieved and how theworkings of the systems are done. After this state, the present state is described. The present stateincludes about how the system is working, how the system works presently and for that what isneeded to be known. Fifth phase includes inventory alternatives. Sixth phase includes evolutioncriteria development. This phase gives the best alternative that can be chosen from the system.Then the preferred system is designed. This phase defines how the system looks like, what wouldbe the working principle and elements of the system2. The eighth stage consists of developing the1Buss, D. (2015).Evolutionary psychology: The new science of the mind. Psychology Press.2Hahn, R. (2013).A primer on environmental policy design. Taylor & Francis.
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