Assignment on Employee Motivation

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There are various ways by which employees can be motivates such as by giving them performance related pay, pension scheme etc. Employees co-operation is very important because if they will provide their support then firm will be able to achieve its desired result or outcome. There are number of theory that can be used for evaluating employee performance like goals theory. benchmarking etc. Many companies may not realise the full benefit ofcorporate clothing. Having a specific dress code anduniform for a job will affect the performance of anemployee greatly.Corporate clothingThis type of will motivate staff specifically aware of theirfinancial stability after work. This type of reward may notappeal to everyone, such as young 17-19-year-old workingwithin who may not be considering a pension scheme duringthis proportion of their life. However, people in their late 20s/30’s may begin considering and planning for their future withregards to finance. Having a pension scheme is very importantto many people in this age bracket, especially one with manybenefits. By a company offering one on general will motivatestaff to work to the best of ability so that they can enjoy apossible indulgent life during retirement. particularly has anaward winning pension scheme which will allow for their staffto be greatly motivated.Pension schemesConclusion This type of motivational method allows for a successful, hardworkingemploy to receive a benefit for their motivational attitude and extendeddedication to an organisation. For example, within specifically, if anemployee was to sell 40% more stock than expected and show apositive attitude whilst doing so this company is likely to reward themwith cash related bonus alongside their monthly check. This willencourage other employees to become self-motivated to reach thestandard required for this bonus. Performance related payWithin all businesses it is important to ensure all staff is motivated and performing to the best of their ability. Motivation is defined to be the type of work ethic that ensures employees are interested and committed to the job role they are in and work to meet the necessary targets of the organisation. This will affect sales, manufacturing, activity and atmosphere of the business positively which makes motivated staff an essential for all businessesINTRODUCTIONMotivation within MorrisoncompanyJust like many other businesses, it will use different tactics to stimulate motivation within their staff. Most are financially based and perk packages offered for specific scenarios, however all will have an overall positive effect of the staff within this organisation. Human Resource Management1.(How organisation motivate its employees)

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