Assignment on Evidence Based Practice Nursing

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Running Head: COMPETING SOURCE OF EVIDENCE1Competing Source of Evidence
Competing Source of Evidence2Critical thinking is an intellectual discipline, which analyzes different data sources toform an objective analysis of the facts (Lau, 2011). There are several terms associated withcritical thinking such as rational and unbiased analysis from the factual evidence. Criticalthinking is an important asset in the rational analysis and thinking. A person equipped withrational thinking can take right decisions (Tittle, 2011). It is also important to develop criticalthinking can case of dilemma and complex decision-making. Critical thinking gives anindividual power to take the right decision and examine complex issues. It is also an importantasset for the researchers and contributes in increasing the reliability and validity of the data. Inacademic research, there are several instances when the researcher encounters conflicting sourcesof data. In such cases, it is important to have critical thinking ability to distinguish conflictingdata sources (Padget, 2012). The present essay will discuss the importance of critical thinkingability in analyzing contrasting data sources. The essay will also shed light on the strategies andmethods, which can be used to prevent these problems.The research is a complex phenomenon in which the researcher has to conduct differentactivities pertaining to the accomplishment of research. In all these activities, the researcherencounters different information; therefore, it is important to adopt critical thinking for thecareful acquisition and the interpretation of the information. In academic activities, criticalthinking is an important element in all professional fields and academic disciplines. Criticalthinking refers to the careful attainment and interpretation of the information so that theresearcher can arrive at a well-defined conclusion. Critical thinking is applicable to any case;however, there are various forms of critical thinking. It is the process of questioning, evaluating,reconstructing, and challenging the established theory and practice (Padget, 2012). Such practice
Competing Source of Evidence3can result in the formation of new theories and paradigms. It is very important in research.Critical thinking is the only manner to decide whether an information is true or false. It is theway to conclude the viability of the research.In research process, a researcher may encounter sources with conflicting views and approaches.In this scenario, it is important for the researcher to use the critical thinking ability to analyze theviability and the reliability of different resources. In such situations, the researcher must focus onthe viability and the authenticity of the resource (Braun & Clarke, 2013). Blogs and Wikipediaare not considered as the authentic resources as they can be written and edited by anyone.Moreover, they represent the personal opinions of the authors, which may be biased or false.While encountering conflicting sources, the researcher will encounter the dilemma whether firstsource is true or the second source is true. If both the sources are included in the research, it willyield contrary results. Moreover, it is important to analyze authenticity of the resources beforeincluding them in the research as it can obstruct the authenticity of the research.Therefore, when the researcher encounters conflicting resources, they should examine theauthenticity of the resources. In order to analyze the authenticity of the sources, the credibility ofthe resource must be examined. Peer-reviewed research articles and articles published in journalarticles have high credibility as the authenticity of the information is examined by severalauthors. The information published in these articles is authentic and have high credibility. Theycan be used as authentic resource of information (McDonald, Bammer & Deane, 2009).Competing data and competing hypothesis also occurs when, the researcher tries to explain asocial phenomenon with the observed data. It is a challenging issue and assist the researcher in
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