Assignment on Flora Beach Resort

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GhoPOSTERPMG Hotels & Resorts is Balinese company that announces to open a new beach resort. The new resort is named as Flora Beach Resort that is going to openon theHikkaduwa Beachof Sri Lanka. The Flora beach resort will provide each and every facility that customers need and demands for.In concern withthe terrorist attack that happened on island Sri Lanka, Flora Beach resort ensures that no such incident would take place again.The Flora beachresort can guarantee to provide people to enjoy the most beautiful and romantic vibes at night.Thenewly opened Flora beach resort aims at providing the safest and secured premises to its customers, in concern with the latest terror attack on theluxury hotels of Sri Lanka. The intelligent access control system will ensure that no such incidents takes place again on the beautiful island Sri Lanka.Advanced Surveillance TechnologyThe newly openedFlora Beach Resort aims at offering quality services, safety and security to its guests. The resort ensures that on EasterSunday, regular days and even in peak seasons, it provides much protection and security to its guests. Anti-tempering, motion detectors andsurveillance system are implemented at the Flora resort to provide full safety and security for its guests.Trained employees and effective safety proceduresIn order to keep our guests protected and secure, the staff and employees of the resort are provided with required training course. The terrorattack that happened at the luxury hotels of Sri Lanka has made people worried and tensed to come at this place. Thus, in order to make people feelsafe andsecure, Flora resort follows effective procedures.Identification of common challenges and barriers to effective communicationPMG Hotels & Resorts aims at effectively communicating the marketing message about the opening of new beach resort. But, there are variouschallenges and barriers to effective communication which are given as follows:Psychological barriers: Psychological and mental issues and thinking of people may lead to create barrier in the effective communication. In case of theterrorist attack in the Sri Lanka, people may have fear or have phobia to come at the resort located in the Sri Lanka.Cultural differences: People may have differences in their culture, race, caste, religion, etc. The PMG Hotels & Resorts marketing team may face thischallenge while effectively communicating the marketing message.Emotional barriers: Perfect mixture of person's emotion and facts is important for effective communication. Due to the terrorist attack incidents, people mayhave different emotions like frustration, fear, anger, etc. that can blur the effectiveness of the marketing message which can lead to hinder the communication.Development of Strategies for overcoming communication barriersThe effective marketing communication strategies are important for the PMG Hotels & Resorts for persuading and attracting large number ofcustomers to the newly opened Flora Beach Resort.Sales promotions: The marketing team of the Flora Beach Resort can focus on implementing this strategy for attracting large number of customers andovercome the effective communication barriers.E-Commerce networking: Through posting the marketing message on the social media websites, company can effectively influence and persuade thecustomers and reduce the challenges of communication.Demonstrate awareness of cultural influences on communication and negotiationCulture includes customs, food, celebrations, arts, body language, social status, etc. Sri Lanka and every other nation have specific and inherent culturethat vary from one region to another region. Therefore, it leads to affect the communication and negotiation process.It is difficult for the Flora Beach Resort to effectively communicate the marketing message with people having different perspectives, views and ideasregarding the terror attack on the Sri Lanka. Thus, company needs to focus on implementing effective promotional and marketing strategy that can effectivelycommunicate the message.badi, S. and Mathiassen, L., 2016. Perceived barriers to effective knowledge sharing in agile software teams.Information Systems Journal.26(2). pp.95-125.House, J., 2015.Translation as communication across languages and cultures. Routledge.
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