Assignment on Glass Ceiling in Business

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Chapter1: IntroductionIntroduction:In the modern corporate organizations, the men and women are entitled to obtain the similaropportunities to grow and develop. The modern corporate cultures of the organizations nowadaysare providing women with the opportunities to apply their skills and grow in the career. Despitethe opportunities present in the corporate world, the female employees of the organizations oftenexperience the issues related to glass ceiling. The glass ceiling refers to the invisible barriers thatthe women face while progressing through their career. In other words, the female employees ofan organization can face a number of problems while working in the company and sometimes,the problems can be difficult to detect. As the problems cannot be detected easily, it is difficultfor the businesses to solve such issues and providing the female employees with the equalopportunity to grow. Presence of the glass ceiling often restricts the female employees to reachthe top leadership positions. The glass ceiling problems not only causes issues in the careerprogression of the female employees of the organization, but it may restrict the organizationsalso from utilizing its entire workforce fully. Therefore, presence of the glass ceiling problems isdisadvantageous for both the organizations as well as the employees. So, analyzing the nature ofthe glass ceiling issues and assessing their impacts on the modern workplaces is necessary. Thecurrent research deals with analysis on the presence of glass ceiling issues in the modernworkplaces and assessing their impacts on the organizations.Background of the research:In the recent years, the women are participating equally at the workplace with men. Theorganizations of the contemporary business environment are focusing to provide the femaleemployees with the equal opportunities to take part and grow within the business. As a result, theparticipation of women in the businesses has increased significantly than it was before. However,the participation of women in the organization is not same at all levels. A significant number ofwomen are now participating in the entry level but the rate of participation starts to reduce at thehigher level. In many organizations, participation of women in the board level and the Boardlevel is less than 10%. However, apart from the lower rate of participation in the top level of the
organizations, the participation of the female employees is also limited to certain positions. Inmost of the cases, participation of the women are limited to the positions like the administration,Peoples Resources and the Communications. The trend indicates that the organizations, even ifthey are promoting the women to the top level, then also the skills and abilities of women arebeing used in some limited roles only.The women employees in the organizations face a number of barriers. The first barrier that thefemale employees need to face is the differences in payment. The modern businesses giveemphasis on providing the male and female employees with equal pay. However, the scenariochanges often as the employees move upwards the organizational ladder. In the higher positions,the female employees experience greater disparity in terms of the salary with their malecolleagues.Lack of experience of the female workers is another factor that restricts them to progress in thecareer. The female employees often need to take break from the work because of theirresponsibilities in the family, especially the child birth related issues and the child rearingactivities. Taking frequent breaks often restricts the women from having adequate experiencethan their male colleagues. Frequent breaks not only cause the lack of experience among thefemale employees but it also causes the skill gaps as well. Possessing the exact skills that thefemale employees used to have before the break often becomes difficult to regain. The lack ofadequate skills also restricts the women from obtaining the same level of employmentopportunities than their male counterparts.The women are often recruited as the part-time employees. Therefore, the women get the lowerhourly rates. Due to being employed on the part-time basis, the female employees get less chanceto make progress in their career. The role of women in the community is often underpaid. Thelack of valuing the role of women in the organization also restricts them from obtaining thehigher position.Discussion on the nature of glass ceiling indicates that the invisible barriers in the workplaceaffect progress of career of the women. In addition, presence of the glass ceilings also affects thelevel of workforce utilization in the organization. Although the participation of women in the
workplace has increased, their skills and abilities are not being utilized fully due to the presenceof glass ceilings.Rationale for the research:In an organization, the employee performance and the employee satisfaction always play a keyrole. When the employees of an organization are satisfied, then they perform better. Wellperformance of the employees is effective to improve performance of the organization as well.However , employee satisfaction is affected to the significant level due to various factors whichimpact on the performance of the employees also. As an impact, the performance of the entireorganization also gets affected due to lack of the employee satisfaction level. Glass ceiling is oneof the factors that affect the level of employee satisfaction and performance of the employees inthe organization. When the glass ceiling is present in the organization, the employeeperformance degrades in terms of the employee contribution for taking organizational decision,the turnover rate of the employees and the rate of employee absenteeism. The degradation in theperformance of the workforce can affect the productivity and competitiveness of theorganization. So, assessing the effects of glass ceiling and analyzing its nature is necessary forthe modern organizations to obtain the optimum benefits from the workforce. The currentresearch focuses on analyzing how the glass ceiling is affecting the organizations. So, the currentresearch is effective for the modern businesses to create an organizational culture where everyemployee would get the scope to utilize their skills and abilities fully and optimize thecontribution to the organization.Aim of the research:The current research aims at analyzing the nature of glass ceiling in the modern organizationsand identifying how the presence of glass ceiling is impacting the workforce as well as thebusiness.The current research focuses on exploring the concepts related to glass ceiling in the modernorganization. The study also reveals how the glass ceiling barriers are impacting the workforceof the organization in terms of the employee performance and the satisfaction. Effects of theglass ceiling on performance of the organization are also identified in the study.
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