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1Running head: HEALTH MANAGEMENTHealth managementName of student:Name of university:Author note:
2HEALTH MANAGEMENTIntroductionThe importance of reflective writing has been time and again discussed in the nursingliterature, with focus on how such practices can be helpful for nurses to make a sense of theirwork under different situations. Management journal entries as a form of reflection havegained immense popularity pertaining to a new revalidation process through which healthcareprofessionals can better manage their work environment while delivering better quality care(Siles-González and Solano-Ruiz 2016).With this paper, I take the opportunity to carry out an effective reflection andconstruct a reflective journal piece that would prove to be supportive of enhancing my skillsrelated to nursing leadership. I have considered writing this reflective journal paper as acrucial tool for fostering my personal and professional development. The process wouldallow me to make changes in my practice, praise what has been positive and undergo trainingto address the improvement needs identified. The management journal entries would be in theform of simplified dairy style. Personal thoughts and opinions would be put forward againstincidents occurring within the context of workplace organisation. The main theme for thisjournal would be leadership. A case study would be presented in light of which the mainanalysis would be done. The journal would build upon the case study, drawing on diversetheories and literature from the field of nursing leadership. For the present paper, the chosenmodel of reflection would be Gibb’s model of reflection, that would be suitable for extractingmy feelings and personal thoughts and perception throughout my journal writing process. Thedifferent phases of this cycle are Description, Feelings, Evaluation and analysis. An actionplan and suggested changes in behaviour would also be a part of this journal. The Gibbsmodel is a well structured one, and it guides the reflector through the process allowing themto explore the reflections in depth so that consecutive action plans can be created (Emery andChang 2017).
3HEALTH MANAGEMENT2 September 2017From the very first day of stepping into the field of nursing practice, I haveunderstood the need of bringing continual development in competencies and skills to a betterprofessional life. I have considered reflecting writing as the most beneficial tool forhighlighting issues and challenges faced within the organisational context. One aspect ofnursing practice that has always drawn my attention in relation to different clinical situationsis nursing leadership. Through the consequent research that I have undertaken on nursingleadership, I have developed the idea that nursing leadership has multiple definitions for it.Perhaps the most suitable definition for leadership is the ability to demonstrate criticalthinking, advocacy and action. The fact that leadership plays a pivotal role in the lives ofhealth care professionals across domains and clinical settings is acknowledged by me. Ibelieve that leadership has a profound impact on the entire healthcare system, including boththe care givers and the patients. As a nurse leader, I would be responsible for designing andimplementing client care as per the individual needs of the healthcare consumers.Carrying out an in-depth research on different forms of leadership, I havecome acrosss terms such as quantum leadership, servant leadership, transformationalleadership and transactional leadership. For me, the leadership journey is not an even one.Coming out of my shell and overcoming my nervousness and introversion has never beeneasy. According to Fitzpatrick (2017) leadership is all about getting oneself heard. For this,an individual must overcome his coyness and put forward own thoughts and opinions in aclear and distinct manner. Being mentored and guided by a senior professional in the fieldwas the path changing event for me. It was only when I was helped out by my senior that Istarted my journey towards embracing the opportunities leadership brings with it.
4HEALTH MANAGEMENT9 September 2017While working in the healthcare setting, there have been a series of events that havebeen an eye-opener for me and made me realise the actual importance of leadership to beexercised regularly in the care setting. I have been satisfied to a considerable extentwitnessing leaderships skills exercised by my seniors and have drawn inspiration from them.Comparing my pursuit to become a prominent leader with that demonstrated by my seniorshave proved to be the best way to understand where I stand at present. As I have worked withpatients coming with diverse needs and professionals who have different approaches towardspatient care, I believe that leadership is the best method to work in a collaborative manner.Leadership also increases the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary team (Wong 2015).There was a need of understanding the areas where I could possibly make improvements forbecoming a role model for my juniors while strengthening my position in the workplace.Management case study commenced at this point15 September 2017The incident that I would reflect on in this entry occurred on this day while I wasworking with the vascular team. A request was made for a duplex carotid scan for a 70-year-old patient on ITU. The patient had been admitted because of suffering a large stroke. Uponarrival, the notes were analysed, and it was concluded that there were aphasia andcommunication difficulties was also a major problem. The registered nurse informed that thepatient had memory impairment and as a result, he was not able to remember the reason forhis admission to the department and was distressed. When approached for the scan the patientwas on minimal sedation. There was not difficultly in conducting the scan, and the findingswere documented appropriately.
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