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Assignment on Imagined Communities

Added on - 22 Oct 2020

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1.What does it mean to think about nations as “Imagined communities”? Does this raisequestions about power relations and whose imaginings dominate?The present report based upon concept of Nation and helps to understand the meaning ofnation, power and difference.The nation is imagined as community because irrespective ofactual inequality and development that help each nation in order to grow and ultimately it is itsfraternity which makes it possible from last two centuries,not all the peoples of country arekilled but they will die as per their willingness.These deaths brings up suddenly problem relatedto nationalism that force a nation to shaken history (Anderson, Benedict 1991). The concept isintroduced to analysed the meaning of nationalism and it is basically developed by Andersonwho focus a nation todeal with those social community and this is developed by those peoplewho realize that they are also a portion of thatgroup only. The media also play an important rolein imagined communities as they target a mass audience and address citizen as the public and ithas critically evaluated that they also use imaged in order to imagine communities and this helpaudience to choose best image they relate to further enhance the relationship to that communitywhich they are imagine (Bennett and, 2005).Imagined communities are the demand ofthese vast changes in the world andAnderson also states that the final outcome of developmentsin the old socialist world remain cover in the inimportance while on the other hand pre-occupation of imagined communities seems that they are still on margins of new scholarship onnationalism.This imagines communities definitely raise power relation and whose imaginingsdominate because power relation are exist on those society where there is an ability of singleindividual/ group to lead a society in better way in order to grow themselves will become a majorpart of a nation and as a result nation becomes imagined communities whose objective is to makeit modern.2.It is possible to think about the concept of nation without understanding and critiquingdominant discourses of race/class/gender/sexuality?No, it is not possible to think the concept of nation without understanding discourse ofrace, class and gender because these discourse are directly impact on modernization of societyand intersectionality consider whole social satisfaction like class, race, sexuality orientation. Inpasttimes society discriminate peoples on the basis of class, race and gender but those differenttypes of people comprises the whole nation (Griffin, 1998).In Australia, people have different
class, colour and these all presents the concept of nation. Apart from this, if the people live withsame status or race than it will not define a concept of nation. Because nation itself means wherepeople live in a country who belongs to different class, religion. But on the other hand, if thesethings will not in the country then it is difficult to present a concept of nation.From last so many years, discrimination are done on the basis of class, race, gender but inpresent scenario it has been evaluated that there are still some global inequalities and as a resultcountries are still facing discrimination specially on the basis of gender (Yuval-Davis, 2006). Byusing variety of theoretical approaches in the nation and to maintaining or continuing theviolence A inflection shift is intended to change the structure of society.3. What does slavery have to do with the formation of nations, and ongoing differential wealthdistribution across first world and majority world nationsSlavery is the biggest factor that affect nation's income and it also creates negative impacton nation economy as well as first world because basically slavery begins with civilization andithas been analyses that salves did not earn good amount of money for their families and as aresult they cannot even afford for the luxuries and food to feed their familiesThis shows that itcreates negative image of a nation in world.Slavery slowly decreases the process of a formationof a nation and as a result the nation is not developed as per imagine by the peoples.But in otherdeveloped nation, such as US there are peoples who are slave and do work as per others needwhich is consider one of the biggest problem in the developing nations.On the other side,slavery also create vast impact upon modern society too because it does not assist to raise theoverall economy of a country and as the result comes, the performance of a country decline ascompared to others countries where slavery does not affect the entire process. Slavery is presenteverywhere such that in Africa, country's economy goes fall because of increasing slavery (Hall,1990). There are many developed and under- developing countries who are trying to solve theproblem of slavery because it direct affect country image as well as its economic system.Overall, the author presents all negative points, that slavery do affect the formation of acountry and it also creates huge impact on the wealth distribution across develop countries aswell as majority of world nations.4.Power is a difficult concept to grasp once we move away from the concept of “power over”and think about agency, discursive powers, relations of power, symbolic power, and so on.
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