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Running head: LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENTChallenge the Boss or Stand Down?Name of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENTIntroductionLeadership is the integral part of an organisation that leads the employeestowards acquiring the goals. The case study is also focusing on developing theunderstanding regarding the leadership and performance management. The studyreflects the ineffective interpersonal relationship with Tom with Frank that was visible intheir conversation. The study would thus reflect on the specific issues drawn from thecase study and apply the suitable theories to mitigate the challenges accordingly. Theidentification of the underlying issues and applied theories are described below:Ans.1) Identification of the IssuesThe case study highlights some of the specific issues that have the considerableimpacts on the organisational performance. These identified issues are discussedfurther.1.Lack of MotivationThe case scenario clearly portrays the motivational issues portrayed through thebehaviour of Tom. The ineffective leadership style of Tom had failed to address thesuitable work atmosphere for the employees that affected the profitability parameter ofthe company.2.Lack of Employee EmpowermentThe scenario in the discussion board clearly highlights that the employees are notallowed to take participations in a decision making process. They do not receive theopportunity to present their concerns as Frank was too strict to be interrupted by others.The lack of employee empowerment affects the morale in a considerable way.3.Leadership ineffectivenessThe ineffective leadership is quite recognizable in this case scenario. It is noticedthat Frank was quite authoritative in nature and was reluctant to concentrate on Tom’s
2LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENTidea. This behaviour is quite insignificant in motivating the employees. and increasingthe performance level.4.Ineffective corporate communicationThe case study shows that Frank does not communicate with the employees prior tothe decision-making process. The lack of communication transparency can create theconsiderable challenges and uncomfortable situations for the existing employees.Hence, the lack of appropriate corporate communication is quite insignificant in thiscontext.5.High level of employee turnoverThe internal conflicts, ineffective leadership, lack of communication, and improperbehavior led to high turnover rate within the company. This employee turnover is quitechallenging for securing the organisational reputation for a long run (Lazaroiu 2015).Moreover, it affects the performance criteria and lead to decreasing profitability rate.The above issues are observed in the case study. It is necessary to develop thesuitable theoretical background to mitigate the challenges and increase the credibilitymore specifically. The further section of the study would discuss such applied theoriesthat can help Tom to improve the organisational scenario.Ans. 2) Impact of the Issues on the organisational functionalitiesThe identified issues have the clear impacts on the organisational scenario. Ithas been observed that these emerging issues are directly affecting the motivationalaspects of the employees as well as the overall performance level. As a result, the poorproductivity level of the organisation is quite recognizable. The following impacts arequite challenging for the organisation in terms of maintaining long term sustainability.During the discussion, it was clearly highlighted that the relationship betweenFrank and Tom is not good. They did not share the effective interpersonalrelationship that hampered overall productivity. The insignificant behavior ofFrank was quite de-motivating for Tom as he required motivation to ensure the
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