Assignment on Leadership Attributes

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Running head:PROJECT LEADERSHIPProject leadershipName of studentName of UniversityAuthor note
1PROJECT LEADERSHIPWho were the key leadership players for this project?It is normal that during this relocation process, a huge number of stakeholders areinvolved. Few of the major leadership players are the investors or shareholders who haveinvested, wholesalers and Labor Government. The Labor Government played the role of a leaderto design and sign a contract for managing the development of a trading area where the markethas been relocated to enhance its sales and revenue generation. The investors also played roles ofleaders by making necessary investments to improve the availability of more fruits, vegetablesand flowers in the market and draw in more customers and generate more revenue.What were the key leadership attributes needed to make the markets relocation asuccessful project?The major leadership attributes include proper communication, focus on the goals andobjectives of the relocation of the market along with better management of the area where themarket has been placed. This would attract more customers and provide them with convenienceto purchase the flowers, fruits and vegetables with much ease and effectiveness. The majorleadership attributes include transparency, integrity, innovation, passion and confidence level.Transparency allows for understanding the conditions of the new market and makes theshopkeepers know about the benefits of relocation too. The democratic leadership style has beenfollowed by the leaders who have considered the ideas and opinions of everyone in the marketprior to the relocationfrom inner-city Docklands to the outer-metropolitan suburb of Epping.
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