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Assignment on Numeracy Section

Added on - 22 Jul 2020

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SECTION 1QUESTION 1A. Three laws of indices1. First law:The first law of indices in which power or fractional value of same base digit aresupposed to add with each other. Further, summation value will be consider as the fractional andof one digit where base are same.2. Second law:In the second law, fractional or power values are subtracted when base value hasto divide with each other. The value which remains is considered for deriving output or makeproper solution.3. Third law:As per the third law, when fractional value are two like on base and on the wholebracket then both powers are multiplied each other. Example of third law of indices is shownbelow:B. Solution of the laws1. First law:8^6 8 8^5= 8^6+5-= 8^112. Second law:8^ 5 / 8^3= 8^5-3= 8^21
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