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Running Head: OPERATION MANAGEMENT1Operations ManagementStudent’s Name:Institutional Affiliation:
Operation Management2IntroductionDescription of the FirmThe first Fairmont hotel was opened in 1907 in San Francisco (Fairmont, 2017). The oldfacility soon developed to become the city’s ideal location for most presidential visits,accommodation and political meetings (Fairmont, 2017). Following its establishment, the nameFairmont quickly came to be associated with place of the occasion, which was the auspiciousbeginning that gave birth to the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts brand (Fairmont, 2017). Fairmont hasmajored in its commitment to growth, expanding its hospitality operations into a global industryleader with some services, projects, and existing hotels (Fairmont, 2017). The firm has built aninternational portfolio of award-winning properties aimed at expanding by currently having morethan seventy hotels worldwide.Description of the IndustryFairmont’s primary mission is to become the best luxury site for customers, by offeringthe best dining and accommodation services (Fairmont, 2017). It also aims at becoming the bestdestination, hosting various events including conferences and weddings. With the rebirth ofFairmont Century Plaza targeted to spend approximately $2.5 billion in Los Angeles, the firmwill attract even more prominent individuals, with the properties performing the best in therespective market The chain, however, has continued to face competition from other hotels suchas Rosewood, Kempinski, The Langham Hotels and the Four Seasons among others (Owler,2017). For a firm to be competitive in the hospitality industry, it must be able to demonstrateexcellent customer service, which ranges from service excellence, reduction in wait times andproducing consistent, high-quality meals and services. Customer service is a vital aspect of
Operation Management3operations management; therefore, efficient operations management is of critical importance tothe hotel industry.Fairmont chain would use the relative type of location to expand to new markets,whereby the hotels are located about other locations, for example, the spectacular sceneriesoffered by the three Pillars of Egypt and the history Century Plaza that is situated in the middleof Century City in Los Angeles (Owler. (n.d.). Revitalization of the latter hotel which is to openas Fairmont Century Plaza which will be added as a landmark hotel in the market of US willexpand and lead to the growth of the luxury space ("About Us - Fairmont Hotels & Resorts -Fairmont," n.d.). The expansion of Fairmont chain into the roots of Southern California wouldsee the firm reap more profits ("Fairmont Hotels & Resorts to Manage the Historic Century PlazaHotel in Los Angeles - Fairmont Hotel," n.d.). Fairmont considers the location of other thingsbefore deciding if to expand its hotels in the region. The landmark of Los Angeles, for example,is near the most known neighborhood of 20th Century Fox studios, surrounded with over tenmillion square feet next to offices of high class, restaurants, and Beverly Hills which is amongthe areas in the United States with the highest grossing.Additionally, the geographic location of Fairmont chain close to main tourist destinationslures many customers to visit the hotels. For example, travelers may opt to attend Fairmont NileCity’s Diplomatic Suite located in Egypt, to have a panoramic view of the River Nile and thePyramids (Owler, 2017). The scenery including the suits which are styled with Art Decofurnishing is significant attraction sites that help boost the number of customers willing to spendpart of their holidays in this hotel. Fairmont strategic location takes into consideration of thepopulation, which is considered to be the potential customers.
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