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Assignment on Performance Management (Doc)

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Added on  2020-03-28

Assignment on Performance Management (Doc)

   Added on 2020-03-28

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Running head: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENTPerformance ManagementName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
Assignment on Performance Management (Doc)_1
1PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENTMultiple Choice Questions71.In the leniency perceptual error, a person:A.Forms an overall impression, and then uses that impression to bias ratingsB.Avoids all extreme judgments and rates everyone as average or neutralC.Evaluates people by comparing them with characteristics of recently observed peopleD.Consistently evaluates people in an extremely positive fashionE.Relies on most recent information
Assignment on Performance Management (Doc)_2
2PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT72.Carolyn is a very likable employee. Recently, her boss rated her at the highest level of all areas of performance, even though in some areas her performance did not warrant this judgment. This is an example of a ___________ perceptual error.A.HaloB.LeniencyC.Central tendencyD.RecencyE.Contrast
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