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Assignment on Reflective Essay

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Added on  2021-06-17

Assignment on Reflective Essay

   Added on 2021-06-17

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Student Name Reflective Essay Student IDReflective EssayStudent NameStudent IDInstitution 1
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Student Name Reflective Essay Student IDIntroduction This paper intends to offer an overview of the experience that I had in my team during the preparation and the delivery of our oral power point presentation. My team had five membersthat are Kim, Nemo, Samuel, Louis and I. I played the role of leadership in my team. As a team leader, I had to coordinate all the team’s activities to ensure that we finish the work on time and give out quality work to ensure that we get good grades (Hogg, 2001).) This paper deals with myexperiences on assertive behavior and communication, motivation and the application of the theory X of Douglas McGregor.As a leader I had to deal with issues of passive behavior which I had to turn to assertive when I realized that other team members were not taking keen interest into the accomplishment of the team’s quality work on time. Being assertive I had to employ the assertive communication method which proved to be effective for we were able to finish the work on time. Assertive behavior helps to tell the other team members your expectations on the team and this helps them to know what they are expected to do (Sandhu et al, 1996).Being that all of the other members of my team were from China there was a lot of miscommunication that was happening due to the language barrier and some conflict occurred asI tried to tell some team members what to do in the project preparation and preparation. I also had the experience of motivation when I decided to take self leadership and take responsibility ofdoing the work that other members of my team were not willing to do. I applied the theory X in my interaction with my group members for I was in control of all the activities of the team thus leaving the other members to have the responsibility of doing their work (Kopelman et al, 2008)2
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Student Name Reflective Essay Student IDThe first three body paragraphs of this essay I will be dealing with the issues of passive behavior and assertive communication as an interpersonal communication skill and the experiences that I had towards this element in my team involvement. The next three paragraphs Iwill be explaining my motivation experience in self leadership and issues of conflict in the group, the following paragraph will be on evaluation of my team followed by a paragraph on recommendations on the areas of improvement and then I will finish with a conclusion paragraph.Assertive communicationI told the team members on our fourth meeting that they had to do the work that I had assigned them for the work was to be done in the required time. Assertive communication deals with stating the beliefs and preferences of the communicator regarding a certain issue. It has to be direct and honest and it also keeps contact lines open (Buehl, 2001). This led to the members being persuaded into doing their task and although they did not give out what I expected I was happy that they were able to give out information that I used in the preparation of the slides for the final presentation.During our last meeting, my team member made me angry for he did not seem interested in the team meeting and I felt that he should have been kicked out of the meeting. Passive behavior in the team leaves the other members with an additional task of doing their work (Leaper & Ayres, 2007). In order to keep this in check I emailed Luxury asking him to write Samuel a note. I expressed my feelings on the issue that involved the passive behavior to luxury for I was expressing my assertive communication skills for I expressed my feelings towards the situation for I felt that he was not supposed to be included in the team.3
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