Assignment on Reflective Practice

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INTRODUCTIONThe term reflective practice is an act which depicts a person's outcome of a particularwork. Reflective learning is vital so as to increase practical knowledge and values based ontheories. It helps in developing critical, fictive and constructive thinking which helps indevelopment of skills. From organisations point of view, reflective practices helps in makingbetter decisions and controlling of activities. In today's world reflective practices plays a crucialrole in professional career thereby developing their skills so as to carry out work efficiently andeffectively. This is also know as work-based learning which evolves new and better ways ofperforming.Reflective learning in its simple form is known as checking the work performed by youthrough evaluating it closely (Beauchamp, 2015). It helps people to learn from their mistakesthrough experiencing. Reflective practice is dynamic set of skills and abilities which needs to beundertaken by a procedural method. Reflective practices could be clearly seen in professions likehealth and teaching where the tutor or doctor continuously evolve himself to present best resultsor solutions to the problem (Blasco, Moreto & Pessini, 2018). It also helps in development ofsociety and community by acquiring better ways of responding to changes. These practices help professionals to take challenging tasks and work on it throughimprovising it with time and practice. It focuses on learning and development through evaluatingtasks performed previously so as to implement corrective measures (Johns, 2017). Bothreflective practice and learning goes hand-to-hand and are a complex process. Learning throughexperience and reflective practices helps in exploring theories in a structured way which helps indeveloping skills. Reflective skills could be gained through various acts of an individual whichneeds to be evolved.Reading theories, books and journals helps in developing reflective skills which helps inresponding creatively. Professionals should continuously involve in communicating theirworking skills and abilities by taking response from colleagues, superiors etc. (Hébert, 2015).Crucial and close watch should be kept while performing as it helps in identifying any deviationsand take corrective measures as instincts never go wrong. Professionals and business peopleshould continuously talk about work which will help in learning process and systems (Eaton,2016). Thinking is another crucial process involved in reflective practices and emphasizes ongenerating innovative and creative ideas so as to resolve problems and find solutions. 1

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