Assignment on Regression Model

Added on - 14 Jun 2021

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STATISTICSAssignment[Pick the date]Student Name
Question 1Regression Model has been generated through Excel regression function under data analysis.The independent variable is time and overtime hours is the dependent variable.Regression outputScatter plot1
(a)Regression line equationy=23.20+(0.67)×tOvertimehours=23.20+(0.67)Timeb) The computation of the seasonal indexes on the basis of the above regression line consists ofdifferent steps outlined below (Hillier, 2016).Step 1: The predicted value of overtime hours or y needs to be estimated using the regressionequation obtained above for all values of independent variable i.e. time.Step 2: The ratio of actual value of overtime hours and predicted value of the same needs to beestimated for each of the quarters.Step 3: The quarterly average is ascertained and adjustment is made based on which seasonalindexes are derived.c)IntroductionA number of business tend to be seasonal in nature i.e. the underlying financial performance isdependent on the particular seasons. As a result, the various aspects related to the business would2
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