The Impact of Globalization on Business | Assignment

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Research project
PART 21. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYGlobalisation is a process through which company enter in new markets to earn profits.The purpose ofcarrying out the research projectwas to evaluate the advantages anddisadvantages of globalisation which company need to take care. For conducting theresearchboth quantitative approach and qualitative approach is used.Data is collected from questionnaireby 35 respondents. The main findings of the research was that globalisationof company productshelps employees to maintain business and financial profits. Globalisation also creates barrier inadapting new cultures which in-turn demotivate employees and reduce their efficiency of work.It is recommended that company need to evaluate the market in which company want to enter.Company also should do PESTEL and SWOT analysis to find out the potential and capability tosustain in the market.2. METHODOLOGYResearch methodology is a organized way of managing a research. It benefits company tocarry the research project in smooth and organised manner(Kumar, 2019). There are differenttools and method implemented to conduct the researchsuch as qualitative and quantitativemethods which include surveys, experiments, secondary data and observations. It is necessaryfor researcher to analyse and evaluate the correct methods in order complete the projecteffectively. Qualitative research method is used to complete the report by detailed observationwith the context of all circumstances and events. Quantitative research method is used to createand count statistical model which is used to test hypotheses, classify features and stateobservations. The research was conducted through primary source i.e. questionnaire. It is used togather information from respondents. Researcher has involved models and theories to understandthe topic well so valid results are find out. In the research report graphs are prepared to displaythe results. In this project 3 managers and 5 employees are involved to find out the results(Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, 2015).This research has been based upon evaluating benefits and drawbacks of global business.In order to discuss methodology to conclude this research, research philosophy, research onionand research approach, sampling, data collection, data analysis and ethical consideration is used.Research Philosophy:It is a belief regarding the way data need to be collected,evaluated and used. There are 2 types of research philosophy i.e. positivism and
interpretivist(Ledford and Gast, 2018). Positivism means reality is steady and could beobserved by an objective viewpoint. It involves manipulating the reality with variable toidentify correspondence and relation with other element. Predictions are made on theground of previous inter-relationships. Interpretivism is concerned with the subjectiveinterpretation. It is the collection of facts and figures related to human tendency andgenerate real data. Pros and cons of globalisationresearch has been formulated byadopting positivism philosophy of research methodology. This methodology deals withmaking research approach positive to future scopes and literatures. Positivism is based onknowledge by treating it on natural phenomenon. Along with that, its property deals withresearch objective and get possible learning outcome(Fletcher, 2017).Research Onion:Research onion refers to a diagram that is followed by researcher toconclude this research that lies upon different layers of research philosophy andapproaches(Koro-Ljungberg, 2015). There are three parts of research onion is Ontology,Axiology and Epistemology and researcher will follow them to conclude this research.Each layer of onion determines a detailed stage of project. It provides with an effectiveprogress which is useful to design the research methodology. Ontology makes researcheraware about the nature of realness. Epistemology is used to find knowledge whichaddress facts about the topic of research. Axiology is used to learn how values impactcollection of the research(Research onion, 2017).
Research Approach:It is important to determine the approach in which research will beconducted. There are 2 methods for conducting i.e. inductive approach and deductiveapproach(Kennedy and, 2018). Inductive approach is a process where hypotheses isnot used to conduct the research instead of models are implemented to conduct theresearch. Deductive approach is a process where hypotheses is conducted by theresearchers.Researcher follows deductive approach to find out the impact ofglobalisation on business. Deductive approach of research lies upon data gathering andevaluation based on chosen fact. After evaluation, researcher relate that information withthe positive and negative impact and made appropriate judgement. This approach isgenerally used on those report which is concerned with positivism philosophy(Whicher,Philbin and Aronson, 2018).Illustration1: Research onion(source:Research onion,2017.)
Research design:It is a structure of techniques and methods used by researchers tocombine different elements of research in an organised manner to find out the results.There are 3 research design i.e. descriptive, casual and exploratory research. Descriptiveresearch is used in this research project. It is beneficial for researcher because it study thecharacteristics of population which include observation, survey and analysis of casestudies regardless to formulating hypotheses. It is useful because it is conducted as perthe needed objectives and aims of the project(Worthington and Bodie, 2017).Research strategy:It is an action plan which gives direction to efforts and thoughts andenable researcher to conduct report systematically to get quality results. It helps to stayfocused and reduce frustration also saves time. In this research qualitative research wherequestionnaire is used to collect the data and further it is analysed to get results.Data collection:It is a process of gathering, measuring and evaluating the informationcollected by theanswerer by using different techniques. Researcher will make hypothesesaccording to data collected(Kumar, 2019).There are 2 methods of data collection i.e.secondary and primary. Secondary data is collected with the help of published reports,newspapers, journals and online whereas primary data is collected by questionnaire,correlations, mean, mode etc.Researcher collect data by using both primary andsecondary data collection method and both qualitative and quantitative data will helpresearcher to formulate this research. In order to collect data, researcher has conductedanalysis on both employees and managers of Boot. Total 35 employees of organizationwas called for survey to gather quantitative data. Researcher has asked open endedquestions to managers and close ended questions to employees(Taylor, Bogdan andDeVault, 2015).Sampling:It is a process statistical analysis is done on the predetermined number ofpeople taken from the organisation. Method of sample is determined by the type ofinvestigation being performed. In the research, researcher has taken 43 sample size.(Ledford and Gast, 2018).Ethical consideration:It is one of the important element to be taken care whileconducting a report. According to the (Data protection act, 2018) it is responsibility ofresearcher to maintain the secrecy of the data collected by the employees and mangers.
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