Assignment on Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning1STRATEGIC PLANNINGNameCourse:Professor’s NameInstitutionCityDate
Strategic Planning2Strategic PlanningIntroductionA.A Turki Group it is a very diverse group of business located in Saudi Arabia city of Dammamand has been operational since the 1950s. The business is owned by Abdulrahaman Ali Al-Turkiand the group has over twenty different divisions. Its production includes construction, retail,trading, chemicals and information technology services. The business has over 2700 employee.The report presents elements of standardization and adaptation as exemplified in the A.A TurkiGroup organization.Standardization and adaptationA.A Turki Group advertising their services and products outside their country to get availabilityof the market. Although there are many issues that might make the companies to go overseas. Itobviously that the state of the economy is the major reason. The emerging company by exhibitunlikeness on comparison is clearly showing an extraordinary level of economic growth. Suchrelations is true in the marketing of it products. A.A Turki Group is one of the fastest growingmarkets as it comprises or embraces a purpose in the industry and has made a remarkable growthand it is still expected to have a further growth in the near future.Qualities Organizational Firm And Design ProcessesIt is a system of methods which detect the malfunctioning aspects of system and structures,workflow and procedures to bring into a line so that it suits the realities of the business andafterward improving plans to be put into effect according to the changes. To most companies, theprocess leads to a more established purpose organization which have improved the situation andthe workers who are committed to the business(Pawar, 2017).Behavioral And Sociocultural Particulars
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