Assignment on Sustainability

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DDD20004 Project 3 Part 1– Issue essay plan / proformaQuestion numberand topic:Option 8:Sustainability designMain argument/contention:Definitions yourkey term/s anddefinition/s:Sustainability,Design,Architecture,Building,ConstructionsAnnotatedReferences: 2-3sentencessummarisingeach of the keytext/s/screenings. Explain whichkey point/s arerelevant to yourdiscussion.1 – Fuad –Luke arguesthat designersare actually
DDD20004 Project 3 Part 1– Issue essay plan / proformahave morepotential to slowenvironmentaldegradationthaneconomists,politicians,businesses andevenenvironmentalists. (2002, p.68).2 –Sustainability isnot enoughgiven the stateof the naturalenvironmentand globalwarming.(William McDonough andMichaelBraungart)3 – Bill McDonoughargues that abuilding shouldbe like a tree,taking innutrients andenergy,transformingthem for its useand thensending themback for otherbiological.
DDD20004 Project 3 Part 1– Issue essay plan / proformaNames/ Titlesof examples(includereferences).ParagraphMain ideas and discussion pointsRelevant research/ quotes tosupport your discussion. Use APAin-text citationExamples relevant to the paragraph topicIntroductionThesis/ MainArgument:A simple meaning ofSustainability design in thecontext of architecture, buildingand constriction is to minimisenegative impacts on theenvironment along with improvingbuilding performance.Differentauthors give different definition inthe context of sustainablearchitecture design. This studywill describe the importance ofsustainable architecture designand limitations.Some authors said that designersdo not focus on sustainabledesign and lead environmentaldegradation by using naturalresources to the great extent.On the other hand, some authorsNot essential for introductionNot essential for introduction
DDD20004 Project 3 Part 1– Issue essay plan / proformabelieve that now a days designersare becoming more aware andthey try to maintain sustainability.They should focus on sustainabledesign for expanding theirbusiness.Paragraph 1Topic:According to the Fuad Luke, adesigner does not focus bothhis/her business andenvironmental sustainability ata time. Itbecomeshard anddifficult to focus onsustainability design and hurttheir business while protectingthe earth Isaak, (2017).It is also said that a strongglobal economy can becomesustainable only when if itintegrates social, economic aswell as environmental wellbeing.Isaak, R. (2017). Green logic:Ecopreneurship, theory and ethics.Routledge.Paragraph 2Topic:For more supporting this view itEl-Halwagi, M. M. (2017).Sustainable design through process
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