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TALENT MANAGEMENT2IntroductionTalent management initiative is a strategy that is designed to enhance organizationalhuman resource development functions in line with the future human resource needs or goals ofan organization. With the changing business or organizational environments, many organizationshave therefore fallen short of meeting their employee’s expectations and hence it has become formany organizations to retain or develop their own talented leaders for future growth of theorganizations (Spofford, 2017). Therefore, organizations are required to develop an effectivetalent management initiative by creating environment that will foster organizational leadership,learning, and development. For this to be achieved the organization needs to focus on theintegration of learning with talent management. This has been seen as one of the most importantand successful strategies for future success of an organization. This involves learning processeson performance management, compensation reviews, succession management, leadershipdevelopment and recruitment (Silzer & Dowell, 2010). Developing these areas will play animportant role in talent management, for example, leadership development will enhanceleadership succession in the organization as well as promote strong organizational leadershipwhich starts with the employees to the top management or an organization.In developing the talent of non-leaders in an organization some changes are required inorganizational policies with regard to recruitment, performance management as well assuccession management. In organization recruitment, it is important that for an organization tolook at candidates who have leadership capabilities and leadership experiences (Craig, 2015).This will help them identify training strategies for candidates with leadership qualities and investin developing their leadership skills. In case of performance management, the leaders shouldfocus on evaluating the different capabilities of the employees and develop motivation strategies
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