Assignment on the Marketing Essentials

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Marketing is an important element that assists to accomplish desired goals and objectives
in systematic manner at workplace. In this regard, enterprise determines advertisement and other
activities of the business on the different level or the market that helps to ascertain more profits
at workplace. Therefore, customers are satisfied with distribution facilities of the company to
produce effective results at workplace (Brychkov, Brychkov and Domegan, 2017). In this
context, present report based on the Morrison which is the one of the largest supermarket of the
UK and produce effective results in the country. They determine their several activities that
assists to promote effective functioning in the different areas of the world. For gaining insight
knowledge of the company, present report covers roles and responsibilities of the marketing
functions that make creative results in the selected business unit. Furthermore, it includes 7ps
that determines business operations and functions in the different areas of the world. At last,
marketing plan has been ascertained that assists to make more effective functioning at
LO 1
P1 Roles and responsibilities of the marketing functions
Following are different elements exists in the marketing functions that assists to attain
desired results at workplace:
Distribution: Therefore, they are able to deliver effective products to the customers. It is
the crucial element which taken by the Morrison. Marketing manager need to conduct
proper research towards customer demand and then distribute their products and services
(Mueller, Rischkowsky and Sölkner, 2015).
Financing: Therefore, marketing manager has responsibilities to take actions properly
that assists to manage their operations in systematic manner. With the help of proper
financing, they are also able to attract many customers at workplace. In this regard,
different investment, loans, advertisement, etc. elements included that need to be
ascertain in same perspective (Malhotra, Birks and Wills, 2013).
Pricing: In this regard, they need to analysis main functions that make creative
functioning in the business unit. Price is the crucial element that assists to attract different
customers at workplace. Therefore, products are marketed successfully in different areas
of the world. Beside this, Morrison need to assess competitors of the company that are
exists in market to ascertain more effective functions at workplace. With the help of
strong price competition, effective working will be ascertain at workplace that assists to
solve business issue in systematic manner. In order to solve the issue and problem of the
McDonald's supplier has responsibilities to provide qualitative elements at low cost
which assists to reduce cost of the business operations at workplace (Clow and James,
Product and service management: Hence, customers could be satisfied from the
effective elements of the organisation. Demand and needs of the customers changes in
fraction so that it is essential Morrison need to take decisions to make them loyal towards
the business. For instance, currently demand of the customer continuously increasing so
that the business need to treat them through listen them in systematic manner. As results,
marketing department pass their information to create interaction with client at regular
basis. It also assists to assess the different opportunities that are taken by the chosen
organisation and create opportunities to launch products in new market and sector.
Promotion: Therefore, they attract new customers that assists to create advertisement
and ascertain the view of different people at workplace. Views of the different customers
and challenging market of the other organisation also require assessing by Morrison to
identify their operations in systematic manner at workplace (Mueller, Rischkowsky and
Sölkner, 2015).
Selling: In this regard, interrelated functions ascertain at workplace that develop
marketing elements which is responsible for sales of the company. With the help of
increasing awareness and advantages of the products, profits and revenue will be
increasingly in different areas of the world. Therefore, advertisement is the important
function that assists to Morrison for attain more profits and revenue at workplace. As per
the customer demand and requirement, they need to possess their operations (Brychkov,
Brychkov and Domegan, 2017).
P2 How roles and responsibilities of the marketing relate with the wider organisational context
In every enterprise has different departments in which they determine several activities in
successful manner. In this way, organisation able to attract their several customers at workplace
to accomplish desired goals and objectives. In Morrison, there are different department such as

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