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(Solved) Assignment on UML Models

Added on - 15 Jun 2021

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Running head: UML MODELSUML ModelsName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note
1UML MODELSDomail ModelProductProductId:intProductName:StringCustomerCustomerId:intCustomerName:StringShopCenterShopId:intshopLocation:LoactionMega Managementid:intname:stringStoreManagerid:intName:StringBeaconManagerid:intName:StringLocationLocationID:intLatitudeLongitudeCategory:TypeCustomerLocation:LocationLocation:LocationProducts:String
2UML MODELSData Flow DiagramMegaManagementCustomerBacon ManagerShop ManagerMega ITdepartment1.PromotionInformationPush2.CustomerAlertService3.RetrievalSystem4.PaymentServiceSystemdatastoreProductinformation
3UML MODELSUses Case OverviewCustomersStaffsStore ManagerRegistration to the systemProduct NotificationNotify about current salesDisplay location of a storeManage prodcutEnter Store informationsEnter Prodcut infromationOrder product onlineRemider to pick up online order
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