Assignment on Wedding Planning

Added on - Dec 2020

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Executive Planning
Wedding planning are in trends nowadays and it is referred as the concept in which an
overall blue print is prepared to manage and complete the wedding rituals in an organised and
systematic way as a management function. A wedding planner is the one who is aware of various
ways of wedding that are reviewed by different cultures and at different times. There are various
socio-cultural implications of wedding events and it can be based on cuisine, customs and
traditions of couples. Different countries has different traditions and cultures so accordingly
clients demand for their marriage.
Wedding is considered as the purest bond between two hearts and two families .Wedding
planning is referred as the most upcoming concept where a outline is been prepared by the
wedding planner to complete all the wedding associated rituals that is well organised. Some of
the key factors that is considered in making a wedding plans that includes location, pre wedding
plans, wardrobe, wedding theme, traditions, list of guests, menu preparations, return gifts and
location. Wedding planning helps wedding planners to take appropriate decisions by providing
effective guidelines and goals for future decisions (Daniels and Loveless, 2007).This report
mainly emphasis on the the wedding planning and wedding planner that are responsible to carry
out effective marriage functions. This report covers the socio-cultural implications of wedding
event. It also covers the comparison and analysis of various expectations of the stakeholders in
the wedding planning process. Moreover, it covers contemporary issues in relation to marriage
and weddings.
1) Socio‐Cultural Implications of the Wedding Event.
Wedding event is considered as holding wedding ceremony by inviting family members
and close friends in a comfortable and harmony atmosphere. It is a system in which wedding
couples and the guests can celebrate the wedding privately with guests with love and harmony.
Socio-cultural implication of wedding events refers as something that directly and indirectly
involves with the social and cultures aspects. Socio- cultural effects deals with different people,
family background, values, tradition, customs and culture (Moran, 2014).Different countries
has different culture, values, traditional beliefs and family background. Different religion has
different views of marriage. Christians believes that marriage is strong bond and covenant that is
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