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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOROrganizational BehaviorName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIORTopic of the essay: “Work groups need to be skillfully managed if they are to beproductive. Just putting people together does not guarantee success.”In today’s world, the global market competition is the major element to explain theorganizational strategies; as a result, the industrial economy has witnessed to pass toward to theeconomy of knowledge. As stated byArmstrong and Taylor (2014)the competitive market isgetting developed day by day and it is becoming immensely difficult for the management ofbusiness organizations to sustain their growth and profitability. All the contemporary scholarsare actually aware of the fact that by witnessing various advantages and disadvantages in thecompetitive work environment, the management can try to adapt to the competitive conditions.In most cases these types of efforts are centralized on human resource management as it is seenfrom last 20 years after the emergence of strategic human resource concepts. This essay focuseson the fact that to generate maximum productivity and profitability, the management of theorganization should effectively manage them. It can be said that Organizational Behavior is thestudy where within the workplace, individuals and group of employees abide by aninterdisciplinary drawing on a number of disciplines like sociology or psychology. It is worthmentioning that behind the success of any business organization, HRM becomes the keycontributor. Proper Organizational behavior helps the management of the organizations toachieve success within a short span of time. Apart from that the behaviors of the employees ofthe organizations is a key to achieve effectiveness of the HRM practices within the organization.
2ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIORIt is a matter of fact that if HRM practices are adequate within the workplace, the employeeswould have a better moral and level of motivation to work. Various other studies prove that theanxiety can influence the positive relationship among the person organized fit and HRMpractices and person-job fit (Veloso, Tzafrir and Enosh 2015). That indicates that though HRMpractices are seen as adequate within the workplace, the individuals with higher level of anxietymight not develop a better sense of fit with the job and the organization. Nowadays, themanagements of the business organizations are heading towards creating a competition amongthem encroaching more customers and the market increase the sales and many more. As statedbyOżgo and Brewster (2015),the rapid changes regarding globalization, information system andvarious other factors are causing higher competition in the global market, making it difficult forthe organizations to sustain their profitability. As stated byArmstrong and Taylor (2014)variousorganizations are getting driven by the market pressure to set their targets in their performances.In this context it is worth mentioning that some of the goals or targets are reducing the companyliabilities, increasing the customer base, increasing the achieved market percentage, introducinginnovative products and improving the qualitative factors of the products, increasing the sales ofthe organization and many more. It is a matter of fact that these targets or goals can only beachieved by implementing proper HRM policies and sustaining proper organizational behaviorwithin the workplace.It can be said that Organizational Behavior is the study where within the workplace,individuals and group of employees abide by an interdisciplinary drawing on a number odisciplines like sociology or psychology. It is worth mentioning that behind the success of anybusiness organization, HRM becomes the key contributor. Proper Organizational behavior helpsthe management of the organizations to achieve success within a short span of time. Apart from
3ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIORthat the behaviors of the employees of the organizations is a key to achieve effectiveness of theHRM practices within the organization.The major issue that is affecting the organizational behavior nowadays is the rapidglobalization. In this way, in many organizations, in the workforce a mix culture is seen. For anexample, in a multinational organization, in the workforce there can be employees from variousreligious and cultural backgrounds and that can potentially bring in various issues within theworkplace. As stated byOżgo and Brewster (2015),every organization has a particular cultureand the organizational culture is somewhat responsible for the level of performance of thatparticular organization. Thus from the last couple of decades, the studies of organizationalculture has immensely been popularized among the scholars and business leaders world-wide.A team of a business organization can be described as a small number of individuals whohas the complementary skills that are used to serve a common purpose. There are someadvantages and disadvantages of working as a team in the organization and there lies theimportance of HRM in an organization.One of the major advantages of working as a team is the amount of motivation anindividual receives from the team members to perform better. It is a matter of fact that when anindividual feels that the other members of the team are dependent on him for the completion ofthe task, he or she would naturally become motivated enough to take out the task (Veloso,Tzafrir and Enosh 2015). When the individual employees gather as a team, various skills andexperiences can be showcased by the individual employees in order to attain the objectives of theteam. There might be presence of some individual’s skills among the employees under a team;such as leadership quality, good planners and thinkers, individuals who can execute the tasks
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